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Airport hotels can be very useful for travellers with their prime locations close to airports they can be very convenient for travellers to use. An overnight stay at an airport hotel can help break up long journeys and offer travellers some rest, relaxation and a chance to unwind and de-stress. With a range of UK airport hotels to choose from there is plenty of choice whether you are looking for a budget airport hotel, a mid range hotel or wish to stay at a top luxury hotel, you can find them all here. You can also book airport car parking, airport lounges and airport rail journeys.

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Use the UK Airport Hotel Search below to find a range of UK airport hotels at all of the main airports in the UK serving both domestic and international flights:

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Airport Parking & Lounges

Airport Parking

Travellers that require airport car parking services can pre book, this offers a number of advantages over coming to the airport and paying for parking. There advantages include:

Save money - there are cost savings you can gain by pre booking airport parking as opposed to paying for car parking on the day.

Save time - when you have pre booked you do not have to queue up and pay for your parking when you return from your trip.

Guaranteed parking space - when you pre book your parking space is guaranteed, whilst you are not guaranteed a parking space if you do not pre book and at busy periods such as summer holidays, Easter & Christmas airport car parks can be very busy.

Save stress & hassle knowing your parking space is guaranteed and you paid less for it!

There are 2 types of airport parking on offer these are:

Park & Ride: You get the choice of secure car parks along with a transfer service that is free taking you to the terminal & back to the car park when you return from your trip.

Meet & Greet: You drive straight to the terminal of the airport you are using, where you will be met by a driver who will precede to drive and car you car at the secure car parking facility. This option is very useful if you have lots of luggage, mobility problems getting to & from the car parks to the terminal buildings & for those in a hurry, you can save the time taken to drive & car your car & come back to the terminal building.

Airport parking can be expensive if you do not book in advance, so if you require airport parking for your trip pre booking the parking is well worth considering given it can save you money and offers guaranteed parking spaces

Airport Lounges

Airport lounges offer travellers with the perfect start to their holidays or business trips, you can relax on the sofas and unwind away from the noise and stress of the main public departures areas. You can sit back and begin your holiday, read a newspaper or magazine provided and enjoy some drinks including alcoholic beverages and a range of soft drinks. Snacks such as peanuts and biscuits are available. Travellers can check in to the lounges up to 3 hours prior to departure allows you to sit back relax and enjoy the relaxed and comfortable environment on offer ready for your flight.

For business travellers there are internet access points, telephones, fax services and more ensuring you can keep in touch and catch up with any work. See: UK Airport Parking & Lounges for further information.

Rail Journeys to the Airport

Going to and from the airport by rail offers travellers with a good option that is well worth considering. There are plenty of advantages including cost savings and time saved travelling, for more details and for information on booking airport rail journeys online please see: Airport Rail Travel

Among the benefits of using rail to get to the airport are:

- No driving & traffic stress & worries

- No parking costs

- Can be faster than travelling by road (especially at peak time when roads to & from UK airports are likely to be very busy) i.e. Heathrow Express, Heathrow Connect & Gatwick Express services are likely to get you to the airport faster than using road.

- Cost Savings, is usually cheaper than using a taxi/minicab

- There are frequent services available i.e. every 15, 20 or 30 minutes.

It is recommended travellers using rail to get to & from UK airports should allow for extra time to get to their destinations. Building in contingency time for any unforeseen circumstances & possible delays & disruption means you have some extra time to ensure you catch your flight. Travellers are also advised to check the traffic news & rail service reports well in time to check for any delays & disruption. Having advanced warning can help you effectively plan or reorganise your journey should you need to.

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