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The world of Business Travel can seem glamorous from the outside, jetting off for meetings in great locations at the companies expense. For those that actually have to do the travelling on business, these trips are sometimes anything but glamorous. The once accepted Business Class travel has come under scrutiny from many corporate companies questioning the wisdom on spending substantial amounts on travel when low cost alternatives are now readily available.

With the ever increasing advance in technology the business traveller is now almost always available where ever they are in the world. The business laptop, the mobile phone, PDAs & other travel gadgets mean communication has never been so good.

Business travel tips worth considering are:

Careful Planning

As with a lot of things in life a little planning can go a long way. If your flight is short haul try to book as long in advance as is possible, the fares go up closer to departure dates. If your flight is long haul it is sensible not to rush in to a tight schedule of meetings straight after you land. You are unlikely to be at your best or most productive and may not achieve the goals you set out. A sensible break to recover and recuperate can give you the chance to focus.

Pack efficiently

When packing there is no need to over pack, you do not need a different outfit for every day you are on your trip. Some universal easy to care for travel suits can be worn a few times each and by changing the shirts each day you can get away with packing less. Roll your clothes to stop creases and ensure your toiletries are in travel size to save space. By packing lighter and smarter you lessen the chance of being fined for going over the luggage weight limit. See the Travel Checklist for a useful checklist & things to remember.

Be on time

From the start if you are late you are playing catch up a recipe for disaster. If you are rushing around you are more likely to forget something important such as your passport, ticket or important meeting notes and documents. Planning in advance and ensuring everything is done in time including checking the traffic news well in time with ensure your blood pressure stays normal.

Check ins

Some airlines such as British Airways allow you to check in from your home/office where you can pick your seat, this is a great time saver meaning you do not have to queue up. You can use the check in kiosks that are now found in airports airlines such as BA and Virgin and others do offer this facility where you can check there and again avoid the queues. It is worth checking in advance if your airline offers this facility.

On the flight

Ensure you have your essentials with you including the socks to avoid DVT, a jumper/coat in case of cold cabin temperature and a MP3 player. The MP3 player means not only can you pass the time listening to your music, you can also conveniently avoid having to listen to other conversations/noises that may irritate you. Ensure you do the recommended exercises to keep DVT at bay, not only does it help pass the time, when you get off the flight you will feel a lot refresher for it.


Depending on your trip you may or may not get a bit of time in the evenings to yourself. If you do doing something other than work can keep you alert and avoid the risk of work overload. For the energetic, you could do some exercise and may be use the hotel gym. You can see a film you do not have to leave your hotel room to do so, a lot of hotels offer movies on demand.

These are just some of the many valuable business travel tips that we hope you will find useful and ensure you have a better, more productive business trip.

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