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King's College Chapel - © Andrew Dunn

Introduction and Overview

The Cambridge Travel Guide looks at the historic city of Cambridge, situated in the East of England outlining local visitor attractions, places of interest and useful tourist information. The city is a short distance out of London and is smaller and more compact than its fellow scholarly great Oxford.

There is an inherent prettiness to this compact city, it has some wonderful historic buildings and a real sense of history. Visitors will notice the tranquil atmosphere that adds a reassuring calmness to proceedings in this classically beautiful city.

The city boasts a thriving arts and culture scene with plenty of contemporary thought and knowledge courtesy of the world renowned Cambridge University.

The great outdoors are to be discovered in Cambridge, with many of the colleges on the River Cam their lawns and gardens slope down to the river’s edge providing a wonderful sight.

Visitors can indulge in punting (boating) with a cruise down the River Cam, there is also a number of quayside pubs from where you can relax enjoy a drink and watch the world go by.

Historically the city grew during the 19th century along with the advent of the railways to the city; heavy industry established itself in the area including cement and brick production.

The location of Cambridge, river links, agricultural land and its proximity to London ensured it established itself as a trading post and thriving market town.

Over the years as heavy industry has given way to newer industries the economy of Cambridge has evolved and today majors sectors of the local economy include engineering, software consultancy, IT, pharmaceuticals, tourism and academia.

Much of Cambridge is best explored by foot given the compact nature of the city, visitors can wonder along the historic cobblestone streets exploring the city and seeing many of the sights. With its long and distinguished history visitors have plenty of sights and attractions to discover in Cambridge.

The Cherry Hinton area of the city is located to the south east of the city centre and includes the Grade II listed Cherry Hinton Hall, a Victorian country house and park that has become well known for hosting the annual Cambridge Folk Festival.

Market Square is located in the centre of the city and has been the historical home for Cambridge’s markets, there are a range of stalls covering fruit and vegetables, books and clothing and more.

Like scholarly rival Oxford, no trip to Cambridge is complete without a trip to one of the famous colleges that make up Cambridge University, the world renowned university that the city is most famous for.

There are more than 30 colleges that fall under the umbrella of Cambridge University each is an independent entity in its own right with its own distinct style and history.

Local attractions include King’s College located on King’s Parade in the heart of Cambridge, it is a popular college among visitors. The college was founded back in the 15th century by Henry VI, King's has a long and distinguished history.

The college was one of the first colleges to admit women and has helped the drive to seek admissions for students from non-traditional backgrounds. King's has produced distinguished alumni over the years including Sydney Brenner, John Maynard Keynes and Alan Turing.

The impressive Perpendicular chapel that took 100 years to build attracts a number of visitors each year providing an impressive sight.

Fitzwilliam Museum is located in the city centre and is a firm favourite among visitors, the museum was once described as “one of the greatest art collections of the nation and a monument of the first importance” illustrating the esteem in which the impressive works are held.

The museum houses a number of impressive collections of Egyptian, Greek & Roman antiquities, and impressive works of art by Rembrandt, Titian and Turner and more.

Cambridge offers visitors a range of historic and contemporary attractions, with the good transport links making it an easy to reach destination for UK visitors.

It retains its old world charm and character and its international reputation attracts international visitors, ensuring Cambridge makes for an interesting place to visit.

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