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London is a city with plenty to offer all visitors, packed with tourist attractions with plenty of history and heritage there are attractions here to suit all tastes. The capital of the UK has long been a favourite destination for travellers from both overseas and from other parts of the UK. London is among the most cosmopolitan and international cities in the world and offers visitors a mix of history and contemporary that few places can match.

There are attractions such as the world renowned Theatreland home to a wide range of West End shows and musicals, there are a range of Royal Palaces and Residences such as Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace. There are contemporary attractions such as the London Eye, which has become an iconic symbol of London.

Find a range of great value Offers for London with a range of deals that include Hotel Stays along with Free Theatre Tickets or Sightseeing or Lunch/Dinner. The deals offer value for money and are a great way to enjoy a trip to London.

London Deals/Offers

London Offers
Theatre Tickets
Sightseeing Tours
Tips & Other Considerations

London Offers

The Offers involve staying 2 nights in a choice of London Hotels and receiving either a Free:

Lunch/Dinner or Sightseeing Tour or Theatre Tickets

Therefore the package includes:

2 nights bed and breakfast at a London Hotel

Free bonus item of your choice either Lunch/Dinner, Theatre/Exhibition tickets or Sightseeing Tours

Discount voucher for London attractions

Membership for One year to Days Out UK, with approx £2,000 in discounts

Please Note: There is one free bonus item per adult per 2 night stay at a selected London hotel.

For a full range of Offers for London please see: London Offers

Theatre Tickets

The first of the three options are tickets to see Shakespeare's Globe Exhibition. The exhibition is located at Bankside on the South Bank in London. Visitors will see the largest exhibition in the world that is dedicated to the famous playwright. The exhibition is located in the UnderGlobe located underneath the theatre, visitors can recall the storey of Sam Wanamaker whose dream it was to rebuild the Globe. The exhibition helps to bring Shakespeare’s world to life and uses a number of live demonstrations and interactive displays. A visit here is a must see for all Shakespeare fans. For more information on the theatre please see: Globe Exhibition

Sightseeing Tours

The second of the three options involves choosing from a range of exciting sightseeing tours. There are a number to choose from, the options include:

The Explore London Walking Pass: This allows visitors to learn more about the long history of London with 3 walks, namely the Changing of the Guard; Jack the Ripper and Walk on the Wild Side. The walks offer a wonderful way to experience London further and see some of the sights and sounds of the city.

The London Bridge Experience: Offers visitors a new attraction to London, visitors can see the excavated tombs and vaults of London Bridge. The experience offers visitors the chance to see, smell and hear what London Bridge was like over its history. It is located underneath London Bridge in central London.

Red River Rover - City Cruises: Visitors can hop on and hop off all day and in the process see the world famous sights of London relaxing in comfort on the cruise, there are also some wonderful riverside views to enjoy and a number of photo opportunities for great sites and landmarks.

Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum: Is located at the All England Club, home of the world famous Wimbledon Tennis Championships. The Museum will appeal to tennis and sports fans and recalls the history of lawn tennis. There are a range of exhibits, including ones explaining the Wimbledon famous whites and clothing over the years, exhibits recalling the changes in technology and an audio/video section for an interactive experience for visitors.


The third option for the free bonus is a Lunch/Dinner at PJ's Bar and Grill. The restaurant is located in central London in Covent Garden. The restaurant is a long established one and offers a range of dishes mainly serving modern European cuisine, there is also a fine wine list for diners to choose from.

There is a choice for the main meal that includes options for Chicken, Meat and Vegetarian. The tables need to be booked in advance and are subject to availability. The offer applies from Monday to Saturday where diners can eat before 17.00, whilst on Sunday’s diners’ needs to eat before 16.00. For more information on the restaurant please see: PJ's Bar and Grill Covent Garden

There are a range of other London Breaks and Offers to choose from, in addition to those outlined above. There are a range of hotels across London to choose from to suit all budgets from budget establishments to Family Hotels to Luxury Hotels offering the best in luxury and service. For more information on the latest Offers see: London Offers

There are a range of London Attractions that can be combined with Hotel stays to make great value breaks. See some of London's most famous attractions such as the London Eye, Tower of London, London Zoo and much more. See London Attractions for further details.

Tips & Other Considerations

If possible try to book in advance to ensure you get the best choice of hotels and the best chance of getting the exact dates you wish to travel. Booking in advance gives the best chance to get the theatre tickets, lunch/dinner or sightseeing tour of your choice which are subject to availability. During busy holiday times and peak periods hotels may get booked up

Always remain alert, vigilant and aware of your belongings at all times especially your wallet/purse and valuables and ensure they are hidden away from public view. If you have a bag try to use a shoulder bag with a good quality, strong strap, that is put across your shoulder not on your shoulder making it more difficult for anyone to take your bag.

If you are travelling by car to London ensure you are prepared with maps and Sat Nav to aid your journey, particularly if you are not familiar with the local area and roads.

If you are looking for car parking in London, ensure you fully understand the rules, regulations & charges for car parks and street parking. The rules & regulations can be complex & confusing if you are unclear, it is wise not to park there. Beware of car parking charges in London, they are expensive whether it is in a car park, street parking or hotel parking, hourly costs are approx £4 to £6, visitors needs to factor this in to their costs.

Car drivers need to take in to account the cost of the London Congestion Charge and factor that in to their cost. If you are going when the congestion charge applies ensure you pay the charge on time to avoid penalty sanctions making it even more expensive. To avoid the congestion charge travel at weekends or use public transport/taxis.

If you are travelling by public transport, check for service updates prior to beginning your journey for any delays, disruption or cancellations to services that may impact on your journey. Ensure you have the service timetables for the trains, trams, buses and coaches. Remember when the last services are and ensure you make it to the train/bus/coach stops well in time to avoid missing the service.

It is useful to be flexible regarding hotels and the free bonus theatre tickets, sightseeing tours and lunch/dinner offer, this can help ensure you get something even if some i.e. hotels are booked up.

It is advisable to double check all of your bookings for hotels and attractions to ensure service providers have the correct details and everything is booked as you require it to be. Double checking can help avoid confusion or non/incorrect bookings and identify any problems early on.

For those who can or wish to avoid the peak season and weekends, it is worth considering going off peak i.e. in the weekdays or at school term time, there is likely to be less rush everywhere and less traffic, congestion and associated stress.

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