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Use the interactive tourist map of Newcastle to search for a range of local attractions, services and amenities. Newcastle is located in north east England, the most northerly city in England is known for its cultural attractions and lively nightlife. Newcastle is a regional centre for the arts, culture, commerce and business in the north east of England.

The city includes a choice of attractions for visitors to explore, offering something for everyone covering a range of historic and contemporary attractions including the MetroCentre, Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts, Newcastle Castle Keep, Biscuit Factory and Life Science Centre.

Search for Newcastle restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bars, tourist information, visitor attractions including museums, art galleries, historic houses, cinemas, theatres, places of interest and much more. Use the map to better plan your trip to Newcastle using the useful interactive tourist map, learn more about the city and the wide range of tourist attractions the city has to offer.

The map includes a location and area map of Newcastle along with street view. Use the map to:

- Find directions for driving, walking, bicycling and public transport.
- Use the search function to find local attractions, dining, entertainment, services and amenities.
- Use the layers on the map to find information on local weather and forecast, travel information including traffic conditions showing the latest traffic flow and congestion.
- The photos layer includes photos relating to the map area from panoramio.
- The Distance tool shows a distance radius around a point on the map and can be used to calculate the distance between two points on the map.

Notable local attractions in Newcastle include: Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts, Biscuit Factory, Quayside, Newcastle Castle Keep, Great North Museum, Life Science Centre and MetroCentre.

Newcastle is situated in north east England, local cities and towns in the region include: Gateshead, Chester-le-Street, Sunderland, Durham, Middlesbrough and Carlisle.

To view the interactive Newcastle maps please see: Map of Newcastle - Local Search Map

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