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Oxford offers visitors a range of local attractions both in the city of Oxford and in the surrounding areas. The city is home to one of the most famous and highly acclaimed universities in the world. Cambridge includes a choice of attractions including museums, galleries, historic buildings, theatre, concerts, events and much more leaving visitors with plenty of things to see and do in the city.

We have outlined a number of interesting attractions and places to visit for visitors to Oxford, these include:

A trip to the Museum of Oxford is located in the Town Hall in the city centre. The museum helps visitors to appreciate and understand the history of the city and the university. There are a number of displays including artefacts and treasures that have been collected and preserved over the years. this is a city is steeped in history and traditions.

Punting is also a popular activity that entails guiding a flat-bottomed boat along the Thames or the Cherwell; there are a variety of pubs and picnic spots along the routes. Oxford has a good choice of hotels, bars and shopping is great, for those on all budgets.

The Museum of the History of Science is located in Broad Street, Oxford, the museum offers visitors the chance to see many scientific relics from the past, many of which have helped to develop our culture and understanding. There are a huge amount of objects represented, around 10,000 which cover all aspects of science. There are fine collections of optical instruments that include microscopes and cameras among others and collections for chemistry and medicine. There is also a reference library for the study of scientific instruments. The museum gives visitors a great insight in to the many varied aspects of science and how the development of science has played key role in the development of our culture and knowledge.

The Cartax Tower is located in Oxford where the four main entry roads meet, the tower is all that remains of the Church of St. Martin, which was built in the 13th century. The majority of the tower was demolished when the roads in Oxford were widened. Visitors can climb the 99 steps to the top to see a wonderful view of the city of Oxford. The bells are rung every quarter hour.

Saxon Tower of St Michael is Oxford's oldest building the church is open every day for private prayer whilst the tower is open to visitors. Located in Cornmarket Street in central Oxford, the tower contains a 19th century chiming clock, Elizabethan silver, a gift shop, and a cafe. Also the tower houses a treasury, a set of churchwarden's accounts from 1437 and a charter of 1612 bearing the seal of King James I. The church has had some famous visitors such as William Shakespeare and William Morris.
Address: Cornmarket Street, Oxford OX1
Telephone: +44 (0)1865 240940.

The Sheldonian Theatre is located on Broad Street, Oxford. The theatre was originally built back in 1668 and is named after Gilbert Sheldon, who was Chancellor of the University at the time the construction was carried out. The building is used for conferences, music recitals, public lectures and a range of ceremonies held by Oxford University including graduation ceremonies. The theatre seats up to 1,000 people, visitors can climb to the top where they would be rewarded with some great views of Oxford.

Ashmolean Museum of Art and Archaeology is located on Beaumont Street in Oxford. It was first established back in 1683 and has the distinction of being the oldest museum in the UK and one of the oldest in the world. It houses collections of antiquities and art many of which are regarded as being of great national and international importance. There is a huge range spread over several hundred years ranging from the ancient civilisations of Egypt, Rome and Greece to Renaissance Europe to the 20th century. The museum also features a Far Eastern collection along with sculptures, paintings, ceramics, coins, glass and musical instruments, so there is plenty to see and do.

Modern Art Oxford is located on Pembroke Street in Oxford. It is recognised as among the UK's top public galleries and is renowned for the quality of its exhibitions, publications and activities. It has work from artists from around the world and there is an emphasis on contemporary art that visitors can enjoy.

The University of Oxford Botanic Garden is located in central Oxford, there visitors will find over 8,000 types of plants in garden, glasshouses, rock and water gardens, which are housed in the oldest botanic garden in Britain on a 4.5 acres site. Plants are grown to support the teaching programme at the university and for conversation projects, the huge range of plants here make these gardens among the most diverse collections in the world. The three main sections of the gardens provide a great chance to see a wonderfully diverse range of plants.

No visit to Oxford would be complete with a trip to its most famous attraction, Oxford University. The university is not one central college with a central campus. In fact the university consists of over 30 colleges that are scattered around the city, these colleges are independent entities but fall under the Oxford University umbrella. The various colleges range in size from the large and more visible to visitors to others that are much smaller and hidden away on small side streets. Each of the colleges are individual with its own style and character. Many of the colleges are open to visitors however it is wise to always check the opening times to avoid disappointment.

Christ Church is located at St. Aldates in Oxford, it is the largest college in Oxford it is currently the only college in the world with a cathedral within its walls. There has been an array of famous students to this college, including Albert Einstein who studied for a brief period in the 1930s. The College has to date produced 13 prime ministers, a number of cabinet ministers, bishops and civil servants. Visitors can see the great hall and the cathedral, Christ Church was the setting for `Hogwarts' in the Harry Potter films. This continued Christ Church's association with children's literature the Alice's Adventures in Wonderland were inspired by Christ Church.

It is recommended that prior to coming to Oxford; visitors do their research and ensure things like famous sights and attractions are actually open on the days you intend on coming. The transport is also worth checking as maintenance and engineering works can mean a restricted service on public transport.

Oxford is a city steeped in history, there are historic buildings and streets, it is a bastion of tradition and academic excellence that is located in peaceful, scenic surroundings in the Oxfordshire countryside. The city is great to explore by foot, with a number of city centre attractions easily assessable by walking. The location with its close proximity to London make it a great place to for either a day trip or longer, visitors can look forward to exploring a compact, historical and scenic city.

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