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The UK has a diverse range of restaurants to suit every budget and taste, there are a huge number of restaurants in the UK that cater for varying tastes from traditional foods to ethnic foods to fusion foods. The restaurant industry has seen a boom in recent years with many new restaurants that include just about every type of cuisine from all over the world.

Visitors to the UK have a huge choice of restaurants catering for both traditional and modern tastes from British cuisine to European, African, Indian, North and South American, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern; they are all well represented among UK restaurants.

The boom in dining has resulted in more restaurants and greater choice for customers, it has also meant increased competition among restaurants as they strive to attract and retain customers. The UK dining scene has become internationally acclaimed for its choice and range of dining establishments in cities such as London and others across the UK, visitors can find places to go for a budget meal to ultra exclusive for the ultimate in dining experiences.

Whether you like traditional food, modern cuisine, enjoy fusion cooking or like cuisine from anywhere in the world you are likely to find a place to dine in the UK that caters for this. Read our guide to UK Restaurants and learn more about the range of restaurants in various regions and cities such as Manchester and Edinburgh and others across the UK.

The UK restaurant and dining industry have seen some significant changes over the past few years, it has been argued more competition has resulted in more dishes to choose from as restaurants seek to established their own niche and enhance their reputations. With world cuisine very well represented in the UK restaurant scene there has been an increase in fusion cooking in taking culinary influences from all over the world as inspiration.

Whilst some argued British cuisine faced stiff competition from around the world, others have argued British cuisine has in fact enjoyed a renaissance in recent years. There have been some popular British restaurants opened over the past few years that have proved a hit with customers. The UK has embraced many cuisines from overseas to an extent few could have predicted, Italian restaurants and food are popular, Chinese and oriental restaurants have also grown over the past few years. Indian food has been a big hit in the UK with many restaurants across the UK, with some commentators noting chicken tikka masala is a quasi national dish.

The next range of cuisines to become popular may include Eastern European cuisine; there are Czech, Hungarian, Polish and Russian restaurants in the UK. As popularity increases there may well be an increase in Eastern European restaurants in the UK, after that over world cuisines may hit the mainstream in keeping with the UK tradition of embracing many world cuisines and foods.

High profile chefs in the media complete with their well known restaurants have become an increasingly familiar sight in recent years. This combined with other factors such as ever increasing choice in food outlets and greater awareness of healthy eating, local produce and organic foods has resulted in restaurants, cooking and food in general now enjoys a higher profile.

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