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There are 7 cities located across Scotland, the largest is Glasgow with a population of just under 600,000. Historically cities have been granted by the British monarch and were awarded to towns that had a diocesan cathedral. Since 2000 Scotland has added 3 cities with Inverness in 2000 part of the Millennium cities and Sterling in 2002 part of the Queen’s Golden Jubilee cities and Perth in 2012 part of the Diamond Jubilee cities. The cities located across Scotland provide a good base for visitors when exploring an area or region.

In Northern Scotland, the city of Inverness is one of Scotland’s newer cities, it is sometimes referred to as the gateway to the Scottish Highlands. Inverness is a popular destination for visitors to base themselves when exploring the Highlands, the city is the only major centre in the region, its location makes it a local transport hub and the amenities available make it a popular destination for visitors.

In North West Scotland the cities of Dundee and Aberdeen are located, the city of Aberdeen is the third most populous in Scotland and is a leading business hub and major maritime centre. Dundee is located further south than Aberdeen, the area has a fine coastline and scenic countryside, the city is an increasingly popular destination for short breaks.

In Mid Scotland the city of Perth located 50 miles north of Edinburgh is one of the newest cities in Scotland, visitors can find a range of shops, cafes, restaurants and entertainment facilities. The city is well known for its scenic gardens and parks and offers visitors an interesting city break destination.

Southern Scotland includes the two largest cities in the country; Glasgow is the largest and Edinburgh the capital. Glasgow is well known for its prominence in culture and the arts and includes a number of internationally recognised galleries and museums. The city is renowned for its architecture along with its choice of shopping facilities, dining and entertainment, making the city a popular destination for visitors from across the UK and internationally. Edinburgh has been described as one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, famous for its historic Edinburgh Castle, the city includes many historic attractions. The history is evident in its medieval streets and historic buildings, the city is famed for its culture and is home to a number of international festivals ensuring the city is a popular destination for visitors from around the world.

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