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Portobello Road Market, London
Portobello Road Market, London - © Alexrk2

The London Markets guide provides travellers with a quick reference and concise guide on the various markets that can be found in London. The capital offers a wide range of markets that sell a huge range of goods, from food to clothing, jewellery and textiles to art to antiques to electrical goods and more. The markets are a great way to see different areas of London and pick up a bargain.

With a number of eating and drinking facilities located within or close by to the markets visitors can enjoy cuisine both local and from around the world whilst browsing in one of the fascinating markets that have historically been part an important part of the local economy and an integral part of local communities. The guide introduces travellers to a number of different markets located across London.

Markets in Central London

Portobello Road Market in London is among London's most famous and well known markets. The market is located on Portobello Road to the West of Central London, the market is well known for the wide range of goods that are available, and these include a huge collection of antiques for antique lovers. There are clothes including plenty of cheap and second hand clothing, other unusual clothing garments, art and more besides.

There are food stalls to ensure shoppers can try different snacks as well as food and vegetable stalls. The market is popular with locals and visitors alike, the best day to visit is Saturday when there are the most stalls on show offering the widest range of goods.

The closest Underground (Tube) station is Ladbroke Grove whilst Notting Hill Gate is also within walking distance. There is limited car parking in street parking bays however given the popularity of the market car drivers may find it difficult to find parking close by. For a map of the market please see: Portobello Road Market Map for more details.

Covent Garden Market is located the famous Covent Garden square in central London. The historic market halls have been preserved and currently contain a number of stalls that specialise in selling quintessentially British goods. Here you can find hand made craft products that are produced in the UK, there are a range of goods on sale here for shoppers to consider among them are clothes & fashion, antiques, homeware and specialist goods. The Jubilee Market specialises in Antiques from Tuesday to Friday, while there are also general market stalls in operation. The piazza provides a fine place for visitors to see free street shows from a range of talented street performers.

Public transport is also the preferred way most shoppers use to get to Covent Garden Street, the Underground (Tube) stations at Covent Garden, Leicester Square, Charing Cross & Holborn are all within walking distance of the market.

Car drivers should also be aware of the strict parking rules and enforcements operating in the area. There are metered parking bays available however the cost is steep (approx £4 per hour) & there may be restrictions on the number of hours you can park. If in doubt it is better not to park in a bay/space you are not sure of. There are also car parks close by however be aware the area falls within the London Congestion Charge zone thus car drivers need to factor this in to the cost.

Leadenhall Market in central London is located in the financial district and offers shoppers a good place to get quality goods at discount prices. For food lovers there are shops selling gourmet ingredients and quality wines and there is plenty for cheese and meat lovers too. The market is set in the Victorian food market setting that features a glass roof and cobbled streets giving a slice of what London used to be like, there is plenty of preserved history and character for visitors to enjoy.

The Underground (Tube) stations close by include Monument, Bank & Aldgate whilst train stations close by include Fenchurch Street, Cannon Street & Liverpool Street (also for Tube). Car parking is available at car parks near by and on street parking bays, however the cost is steep and the rules & regulations are strictly enforced. If in doubt do not park somewhere you are not sure of the parking rules, car drivers also need to factor in the cost of the London Congestion Charge as the market falls within the charging zone.

Other Markets in London

One of the best known markets is Camden Market located to the north west of central London on the Regents Canal and has become a popular tourist attraction. There is a laid back atmosphere and alternative feel and hip vibe, thus it attracts those who are alternative, those wishing to see something alternative and those looking for something a bit different.

The market has a mix of clothing including alternative fashion, music, arts and crafts, jewellery, body art, holistic services and a range of food stalls serving food from all over the world. The market is located by the canal making for an attractive location to visit especially in the summer where strolling by the canal browsing at the stalls and enjoying some great food offers a great day out for visitors.

The closest Underground (Tube) station is Camden Town with Chalk Farm also within walking distance. Car parking is very limited and restrictions are strictly enforced, car drivers should be aware of the parking rules and not park anywhere they are not sure of the parking rules.

Petticoat Lane Market is located on Middlesex Street and Wentworth Street to the east of central London. The market boasts over a thousand stalls, it has been in operation for over a 100 years, the market attracts a range of visitors keen to get a bargain. There are a range of clothing and fabrics available along with leather goods, jewellery and rugs and some electrical goods.

The closest Underground (Tube) stations are Aldgate, Aldgate East & Liverpool Street. Fenchurch Street & Liverpool Street stations are the closest for train services to the market. For car drivers there are some street parking bays however they are limited and can be pricey. Some car parks can be a bit cheaper than those typically associated with central London, however it is wise to fully check & understand the charges first.

Whitechapel Market is located on the border between Central London & East London on Whitechapel Road. This market has been an established fixture in the area and offers visitors the chance to see the local sights, sounds and grab a bargain. The market offers a range of Asian foods and spices, there are a number of stalls that sell clothing and fashion, in addition there are jewellery stalls along with stalls for exotic fruit and vegetables and a variety of fabrics and cloths. Along the route of the market there are pubs where visitors can enjoy a refreshing drink and cafes and restaurants.

Spitalfields Market is located in the eastern part of central London, the market contains a range of shops and stalls ranging from antiques to arts and crafts to fashion and clothing and health and beauty there are also boutiques and health & beauty. The market also boasts an International Food Village, where dishes are available from a range of different cuisines.


Use the Markets Search map to find London's famous markets offering shoppers the chance to grab a bargain with a range of stalls & shops to choose from. The blue markers on the map show the markets mentioned above. You can also use the local search for Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Tourist Attractions and more. There is also a place finder and phonebook to help your search. To view click on the London Markets search link below and ensure your browser is pop up enabled: London Markets Search Map

Journey Planner

Use the Journey Planner from the Transport for London below to help you plan your journey for visiting markets in London . The planner will help you plan your route, indicating which public transport services to take & the approximate time for the journey for public transport services.

Journey Planner

Tips & Other Considerations

London shopping markets generally open from 9am to around 4 to 6pm however there are variations on this depending on the market and the particular day of the week.

Before visiting a market it is wise to check the opening times given markets may be closed on certain days of the week or may have shorter opening hours at certain times of the year. Checking first can save a wasted trip and disappointment.

Visiting markets can be great fun for visitors, however you should be aware of crowds and follow common sense measures to ensure your safety and that of your valuables.

Given most transactions from markets take place with cash take care when paying, take your time and ensure you give the correct amount & ensure you count your change. Shops may accept credit cards, if you are paying by credit card ensure you cover your hand when typing in the pin and ensure no one is standing too close to you.

Always be aware of your belongings especially your wallet/purse and valuables and ensure they are hidden away from public view. If you have a bag try to use a shoulder bag with a strong strap, that is put across your shoulder not on your shoulder making it more difficult for anyone to snatch your bag.

If you are travelling by car do not drive in bus lanes during the operational hours of the bus lanes. There are cameras to catch offenders out particularly in central London, the rules along with fines are enforced.

If you are coming by car, factor in the cost of the London Congestion Charge if travelling on weekdays when the congestion charge is in operation (if the market falls in the chargeable zone).

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