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Cambridgeshire offers visitors a range of local attractions in the region offering visitors a choice of interesting and charming places to discover. The county includes a choice of attractions including museums, galleries, historic buildings, theatre, concerts and events in addition to the attractions in the city of Cambridge including Cambridge University. Cambridgeshire’s location in the East of England means the scenic English countryside and the great outdoors are all within reach located close to the towns and cities with a range of things to see and do in the county.

We have outlined a number of interesting attractions and places to visit for visitors to Cambridgeshire, these include:

Ely Cathedral dates back to 1081, it is located a short drive from Cambridge city, and began life as a monastery in AD 673. The cathedral is brimming with history and delightful architecture. There are three services held here daily and are open to all. Those wanting to know more can go on one of the guided tours available around the year. The cathedral also has meeting and seminar rooms and a banqueting area that can be hired out.

Oliver Cromwell's House is located in the in the Cambridgeshire heartland, it has witnessed many changes over the years, formerly it has been an inn called The Cromwell Arms and has also served as the vicarage for St. Mary's church. Visitors to this house will be able to recreate the life and times of Oliver Cromwell, the English military and political leader. The haunted bedroom tells the story of Oliver Cromwell's death.

Peterborough Cathedral is another attraction worth seeing, the 13th century western front is deemed as being among the most impressive feats of medieval architecture in Britain. The three story nave benefits from a timber ceiling, it still retains much of the original painted decoration. This historic cathedral is certainly an impressive sight and is steeped in history, it is arguably among the most beautiful cathedrals in the UK.

Fitzwilliam Museum is home to some of the greatest art works and treasures in the UK with notable collections from Turner and Rembrandt along with notable others. There are a range of collections with antiques from around the world including Roman, Greek and Egyptian.

Art lovers can visit the art gallery Primavera, located opposite King's College. Located in the centre of Cambridge there are wonderful views of the College from here. The gallery and shop, bring together a refined exploration into some of the finest art and crafts in the UK. Primavera contains a number of highly acclaimed selections of antiques, ceramics, glass, furniture, metals and textiles among others. The gallery provides a great showcase for British artistic talent to be shown to a wide audience.

Wimpole Hall is a National Trust property that was a one time the home of Rudyard Kipling's daughter. It is located a few miles outside Cambridge, the house provides visitors with an impressive sight, the 17th century mansion is set in parks and gardens. Over the years some illustrious names in English architecture have been associated with the house these include James Gibbs and Sir John Soane. In the gardens visitors will find a mix of formal Victorian parterres, arboretum and Dutch Gardens.

Wimpole Home Farm is located beside the house was a model farm that became established in 1794. Currently it operates as a centre for breeds centre and as a home to heavy horses. The farm also features a Victorian Dairy, a thatched Great Barn and a children's play area. For visitors who are energetic or wish to do something some walking in the countryside there is the 13 mile long Wimpole Way, which leads from Cambridge to Wimpole Hall. The walk takes you through rolling countryside, historic villages and areas of ancient woodland.

Visitors on a trip to Cambridge can visit one of the colleges that make up Cambridge University, the world renowned university that the city is most famous for. There are over 30 colleges that fall under the umbrella of Cambridge University each is an independent entity in its own right with its own distinct style and history. Visitors can take a tour of Trinity College founded back in 1546. Inside visitors will enter via the Great Gate above which is a statue of the founder of the college King Henry VIII. The Great Court is the largest court in any of the various colleges at Cambridge and Oxford, there is also the Clock Tower and the Fountain for visitors to see and more during the tour.

The Elton Hall is located on a large countryside estate among woodland and scenic countryside. Set in an impressive setting, the centrepiece is the impressive Hall that includes elements of styles from the 15th and 17th centuries. Highlights in the Hall include the Marble Room, Drawing Room and the Library. There are impressive collections of books and furniture. Outside the Gardens offer visitors an opportunity to enjoy a stroll in scenic surroundings taking in the history and tradition of the surroundings. Elton Hall and the surrounding woodland and countryside offer visitors a fine heritage attraction in the county.

University Museum of Zoology is located on Downing Street in central Cambridge; the museum is Cambridge University’s Museum of Zoology; inside the museum has impressive collections that are used for academic study by researchers. The displays include a number of main collections in the museum including those related to birds, Fossil vertebrates, recent vertebrates and insects. The museum contains an impressive collection of Darwin material. There is also a programme of events that includes talks, photo exhibitions and family days out.

Wildlife enthusiasts can visit the Fowlmere RSPB Reserve, located 11 miles from Cambridge. The nature reserve covers an area of 40 hectares, visitors can explore the 3km nature trail and take in range of wildlife on show. Birds in the reserve include water rails, kingfishers, reed warblers and many more. With each season there are different species to see, including in autumn where visitors can see migrating birds as they journey south for warmer climes.

Imperial War Museum Buford is located close to the village of Buford in Cambridgeshire, 10 miles from Cambridge. The museum houses around 200 aircraft, vehicles and naval vassals. Set on the grounds of a former World War 1 and World War II airfield, the museum includes a range of interactive exhibitions that bring history to life. Famous collections include Land Warfare with some of the best known tanks, military vehicles and artillery on show.

The 1940 Operation Room shows how the RAF’s fighter aircraft were directed in to combat during the Battle of Britain. The Battle of Britain exhibition recounts the people and the aircraft that defended Britain during the Blitz and the Battle of Britain during World War II. The American Air Museum includes the largest collection of US military aircraft in Europe including aircraft from World War II and the cold war era. The museum hosts a number of air shows each year where visitors can see a number of exciting flying displays with events and activities for the whole family.

The Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology is located at the University of Cambridge. The museum opened back in 1884 and over the years has showcased the University’s collection of archaeological artefacts from around the world and local antiquities. The museum includes a range of changing exhibitions that include a local and international theme.

Housed over 3 floors, on the ground floor is the Clarke Gallery that includes British and World archaeology. On the first floor is the Maudslay Gallery that includes displays of art and material culture from all over world. Highlights include including artefacts from the voyages of Cook and highly regarded sculptures from native Americans, Asia and Africa. On the second floor is the Andrews Gallery that houses temporary exhibits, that exhibits are based on the research of students and curators.

It is recommended that prior to visiting Cambridgeshire; visitors do their research and ensure any sights and attractions they plan on visiting are actually open on the days you intend on coming. The transport is also worth checking as maintenance and engineering works can mean a restricted service on public transport and the road network.

The county of Cambridgeshire has plenty to offer visitors known for the world renowned Cambridge University, the city of Cambridge has plenty of history, heritage and a wealth of attractions for visitors to explore. The scenic county also has plenty more on offer besides the city of Cambridge with a choice of historic attractions, including museums, galleries, castles and cathedrals. Cambridgeshire’s attractions ensure visitors can enjoy a short break, weekend away or a longer stay here.

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