Norfolk Broads Attractions

The Norfolk Broads offers visitors a range of local attractions in the region offering visitors a choice of interesting and charming places to discover. The county includes a choice of attractions including museums, galleries, historic buildings, theatre, concerts and events. The Norfolk Broads’s location in the East of England means the scenic English countryside and the great outdoors are all within reach located close by to the city of Norwich and local towns and villages in Norfolk.

We have outlined a number of interesting attractions and places to visit for visitors to the Norfolk Broads region, these include:

The ruins of St Benet's Abbey an Anglo-Saxon monastery are located on a sand and gravel island and is surrounded by grazing marshes alongside the River Bure in Norfolk, approx 15 miles from Norwich. In the Middle Ages it was approached by land along a causeway from the North West and by river along the Bure. A visit to the abbey will show visitors a sense of isolation of the abbey and the area, it is possible the area was an actual island in the past. The site is of historical interest and is located in a scenic landscape that has been a favourite place for photographers and artists over the years.

Hickling Broad is the largest of all the Norfolk Broads, it boasts an impressive array of plants and animals. Visitors can enjoy walks in the midst of all this wildlife and nature. For those who wish to learn more about swallowtail butterflies, marsh harriers, bitterns and other rare wildlife this is the place to come, there is plenty for the nature enthusiast here. The Water Trail runs from May to September that takes visitors into the quieter backwaters of the Broad and takes you to the Tree Tower, where visitors are treated to the most splendid views of Broadland.

Horsey Windpump is a restored five-storey drainage windpump, located in Norfolk. It is a fully restored historic drainage windpump that provides wonderful scenic views across the Norfolk Broads and onwards towards the coast. The estate is regarded as an important wildlife estate of international importance. Bird watching fans are in their element here as it is regarded as an area of great importance for bird watching. Nature conservation is the priority at Horsey Estate and provides a treat for bird watching and nature fans.

Sutton Pottery is a studio workshop in East Norfolk, in the village of Sutton. Here artists use the Potter’s Wheel and the fire of a gas kiln to create a large range of stoneware by hand. Established back in 1977 there is an assortment of practical and affordable tableware and kitchenware in a wide variety of glaze colours. Artists also produce a variety of decorative pieces, including house nameplates and distinctive lamps among others. At Sutton Pottery you can see the craft processes as they occur, see Sutton Pottery for further information.

Hardley Windmill is located in Hardley 13 miles from Norwich in the Broads. The mill was built in 1874 and was used until 1950 when it became damaged. After being abandoned and the mill left derelict, volunteers began work on restoration. The windmill has undergone a transformation and includes a visitor centre and moorings. The visitor centre includes a range of exhibitions relating to the history of the mill, the river, the local area and the wildlife that is found in the marshes. There are light refreshments available for visitors on site.

Raveningham Gardens are located 10 miles from Norwich in the village of Raveningham. The impressive gardens are credited to Priscilla Bacon, who over the course of many years enlarged the garden and created the impressive borders. Visitors can see the herb gardens, the 18th century Walled Kitchen Garden, Edwardian Rose Garden, Victorian Conservatory, Herbaceous Borders, Orchard and Arboretum, Herb Garden and a number of garden sculptures and plant species. The gardens are located in a tranquil and scenic environment, offering visitors the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing stroll taking in the delights of an impressive English garden.

The RSPB runs a bird reserve at Strumpshaw located close by to the city of Norwich, Strumpshaw Fen offers a wonderful place for visitors to learn more about and fully explore the great diversity of habitats and wildlife. Visitors to the reserve can walk around the reed beds and woodlands and see the enchanting marsh harriers, kingfishers and the elusive Chinese water deer for the lucky few. During the spring and summer season visitors can spot a great number of butterflies and dragonflies in the reserve.

Visitors to the Broads can choose from a number of Norfolk Broads River Trips, allowing visitors to sit back, relax and enjoy the many highlights of the Broads via a relaxing river cruise. The boats include informative live commentary identifying places of interest and attractions along the way including the local water birds that are spotted. Trips are usually available from April until November.

It is recommended that prior to visiting Norfolk Broads; visitors do their research and ensure any sights and attractions they plan on visiting are actually open on the days you intend on coming. The transport is also worth checking as maintenance and engineering works can mean a restricted service on public transport and the road network.

The Norfolk Broads have long been a favoured destination for boating enthusiasts, the relaxed atmosphere, scenic environment and lack of crowds means this area in the East of England has plenty to offer visitors. The region has its own charm and character and its lack of large cities and more relaxing pace of life ensures the region is a great place to get away from it all and enjoy the best of the great outdoors combining the Norfolk Broads with the attractions of Norwich and the charm of the villages and towns in the region. There are a choice of historic attractions including windmills, museums and galleries. The attractions in the Broads ensure visitors can enjoy a short break, weekend away or a longer stay here.

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