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Ayrshire is located in the West Coast of Scotland, modern day Ayrshire is spilt into North, South and East Ayrshire. Prominent towns in the area include Ayr, Irvine and Kilmarnock. The area enjoys a milder climate than most of Scotland due to its location.

Ayrshire is located close to Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city, the area offers Glasgow’s city attractions along with the scenic beauty of the Ayrshire countryside and coastline. Ayrshire has historic associations with Scotland’s national poet Robert Burns, the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum in Ayr is a must see attraction. The region includes a number of charming small towns and villages. The area includes a number of attractions for visitors to explore, Culzean Castle, Crossraguel Abbey, Eglinton Country Park and Dean Castle. There are a number of historic buildings, castles, museums and galleries for visitors to explore in the area.

The area is host to a number of local festivals, shows, fairs and concerts throughout the year

Ayrshire Quick Facts

Population: 135,200 (North Ayrshire), 111,400 (South Ayrshire) & 120,200 (East Ayrshire)

Region: Western Scotland

Area total: 885 sq km (North Ayrshire), 1,222 sq km(South Ayrshire) & 1,262 sq km (East Ayrshire)

Languages: English, Scots & Scottish Gaelic

Dialling Code: 01294 (Irvine), 01292 (Ayr), 01563 (Kilmarnock).

Postcode Area KA11-12 (Irvine), KA6-8 (Ayr), KA1-3 (Kilmarnock).

Closest Airports: Glasgow Airport, Glasgow Prestwick Airport.

Local Food: Scottish Beef, Artisan Cheeses, Oatcakes and Seafood varieties.

Nearest Towns & Cities: Ayr, Kilmarnock, Irvine, Largs, Lamlash, Millport, Alloway and Troon.

Famous Attractions: Culzean Castle, Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Crossraguel Abbey, Dean Castle and Eglinton Country Park.

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