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Travelling by public transport is a great way for visitors to the UK to see the country. The public transport system includes, buses, trains, tube (Underground), Trams and the Docklands Light Rail. The public transport system is extensive in cities such as London making it ideal for tourists to get around. The high cost of parking and the lack of parking facilities in some cases mean public transport can often represent the quickest, cheapest and most efficient way to travel. The UK public transport maps & timetables guide contains further information and resources on maps and timetables currently in operation on the various forms of public transport in the UK.

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Before You Start Your Trip
Tube (Underground)
Docklands Light Rail (DLR)
Public Transport Timetables
Journey Planner

Before You Start Your Trip

Being well prepared for your journey on public transport by having the timetables, maps and checking the latest traffic & travel news can help ensure your journey is a better one & avoid areas & routes that have problems.

For train journeys in particular check ticket prices before you go to the station online & by telephone, there are often variations in price of tickets depending on when you book & what ticket you buy.

Be aware buying last minute tickets can make them more expensive, if your travel plans are known in advance check the ticket prices in advance before you book to check if there are any early booking discounts.

At busy holiday times such as public & bank holidays, the trains can be very busy with tickets in short supply. If you know when you need to travel & it is during the busy periods it can help to check in advance and book your ticket. Leaving it late at busy periods means risking not having any tickets left or booking at an expensive price.


The UK is well known around the world for the iconic red buses seen in London. The bus network across the UK is extensive; there are plenty of bus services particularly in big cities such as London, Birmingham & Manchester and towns. There are also specialist bus lanes on major roads making bus travel a good way for tourists to get around. Travellers should note the frequency of bus services is usually lower at weekends particularly on Sundays. Travellers should check if buying a one day or weekly bus pass is cheaper (it often is) than paying each time you use a bus. Buses are one of the cheapest ways to travel across the UK. There are buses that operate at night known as Night Buses, the routes have an N before the numbers.

Buses - Maps & Timetables:

London Bus Map

UK Bus Timetables


The train network covers most of the UK; it is possible to go by train from London all the way to Scotland and back. Many travellers have found trains a good way to explore the UK, the inter city train links mean it is possible to travel across the UK seeing new towns, cities and villages. The train network is at its most extensive in the largest cities such as London, Birmingham & Manchester. The frequency of trains also tends to be higher in larger urban areas. Smaller towns and villages are often connected to the rail network although visitors should be aware of a decrease the frequency of trains to more remote areas and plan their trips accordingly.

Train Maps & Timetables:

UK Train Timetables

London Train Map

UK National Rail Maps

Tube (Underground)

The tube carries millions of passengers all across London every day, it represents a great way for visitors to get around London quickly. With the lack of parking, congestion charge, parking restrictions and heavy parking fines and more expensive taxis using the tube to get around London is probably the fastest, one of the cheapest and most efficient ways to travel across the capital. The tube network is extensive across greater London particularly in central London and to the north of London, the tube goes south on the Northern and Victoria lines and there are plans to extend the tube further south in coming years. In central London the tube stops are frequently located within walking distance and close proximity to tourist attractions and places of interest for visitors to the UK, making it the preferred method to see the capital for many visitors.

Tube Maps:

Tube Map

Docklands Light Rail (DLR)

The Docklands Light Rail (DLR), is a light rail system in operation in the east of London, it serves the docklands area as well as going in to the city of London in stations such as Bank and comes south up to Lewisham. Services are frequent and the DLR offers a good way for visitors to see this part of London.

Docklands Light Rail Map:



Trams do not currently operate in the centre of London, rather the Tramlink service is in operation to the south of London. Trams routes here go from Wimbledon in south London through Croydon to Beckenham and Addington. Trams also have interlinks at several mainline train stations including East Croydon where there are regular fast rail services to central London.

Tram Maps & Timetables:

Tramlink Map

Manchester's tram network Metrolink operates through the greater Manchester area going from Buy through the city centre and out again to Altrincham. The trams provide a quick and efficient to get around the city centre and the surround areas.

Manchester Metrolink Map & Timetables:

Metrolink Map

Metrolink Timetables

Sheffield's tram network the Supertram serves the city of Sheffield and offers a quick service and is a great way to see and get around the city. The trams go through the city centre including past the universities, cathedral, shopping centres and stops at interchange stations.

Sheffield Supertram Maps & Timetables:

Supertram - Maps & Timetables

The Midland Metro runs from Wolverhampton in the West Midlands to Snow Hill in Birmingham where you are close to the city centre, there are plans to extend the trams in to the city centre in Birmingham.

Midland Metro:

Midland Metro

The Tyne and Wear Metro serves the areas of Newcastle, Gateshead, Gateshead and North & South Tyneside. It is an extensive system consisting of over 60 stations, the metro is very useful for visitors to get around the areas served by it, and the stations go in to the city centres in Newcastle and Sunderland and are linked to the airport and other interchange stations.

Tyne & Wear Metro:

Tyne & Wear Metro - Maps & Timetables

Public Transport Timetables

For current timetables for public transport in Greater London including buses, trains, tube (Underground), Docklands Light Rail (DLR) & London River Crossings, please see: London Bus, Train, Tube & DLR Timetables

Journey Planner

Use the journey planner from the Transport for London below to help you plan your journey. The planner will help you plan your route, which public transport services to take & the approximate time for the journey for public transport services in and around greater London.

Journey Planner

For a journey planner using the national rail network see: National Rail Enquiries and see Journey Planner for door to door directions for public transport and driving.

Travellers are advised to keep maps & timetables of public transport services with them when they travel, they can be very useful in planning your journey, knowing how to get to the place you wish to visit and a valuable resource if you are lost or anything unforeseen occurs. The UK public transport maps & timetables are subject to alteration, change and updates so it is best to check on the links to the relevant sites given in this guide for an up to date resource.

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