Car Hire Tips

Hiring a car while you are on holiday should be straight forward and most times car hire goes smoothly without any problems. There are some car hire tips that you may want to consider when taking out a car hire agreement.

Insurance Cover

If your insurance policy is from an insurer based in the European Union (including the UK), it is likely that your insurance will cover you for third party insurance in EU countries. Beware of only having third party cover, this can be inadequate to cover all costs and it is much safer to ensure your insurance has all the extra cover you need. When arranging insurance it is advisable to check with the insurer on any queries you may have ensuring you are armed with the correct information on the level of cover you have or need.

Appearance and Condition of the Car

It is wise to taking photos of the hire car when you first receive it and take notes on the condition of the car. Before you return the car another photo and notes on the condition should be taken and signed for audit purposes. By doing this you have valuable evidence should any dispute arise or you are incorrectly charged for any costs.

If an accident occurs

Go to a garage and ensure you have a written estimate of the repair cost involved. You need to check with the hire company what you need to do next, but having a written estimate should help avoid disputes regarding repair costs.

Returning the Hire car

Ensure the car is returned within the agreed time scale. Check all paperwork on the condition of the car is completed and ask for a copy of the final form. This ensures no one can change the report subsequently or charge extra later.


Check the contract thoroughly and ask for explanations for any areas you are unsure of or need more detail on. Look out for extra costs like child seats and taxes that can increase the cost above the amount you expected.

Travelling Coverage

Ensure all of the countries/territories you are going to be travelling to are adequately covered in your insurance and contract. If in doubt, ask, clarify and upgrade your cover if need be.

Following a few Car Hire tips will help you ensure you have the correct level of cover and hopefully help to avoid any disputes. Happy driving!

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