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Saltaire, West Yorkshire
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Saltaire village is located close to Shipley in West Yorkshire and offers visitors the chance to see a 'model' Victorian industrial village. The village here is well preserved and forms an integral part of the UK's industrial heritage, the village is of historical, technological and social importance and has been recognised as such attaining the World Heritage Site (WHS) status in 2001.


The village of Saltaire is located on the River Aire in West Yorkshire and is a great example of a fully preserved Victorian industrial village. The village was originally built in 1876 by Sir Titus Salt, an industrialist and philanthropist, today the village can still be seen in its original form, and the name of the village of Saltaire is taken from the surname of the founder and the river it is built beside. Visitors to the model village will be able to see the famous Mill now known as Salt's Mill and the United Reform Church as well as seeing a number of events including the Saltaire Festival that takes place in September each year.

In the 19th century workers in mills were often treated badly and the way Sir Titus Salt treated his workers broke the mould, moving his business from near by Bradford to Saltaire, Sir Titus aimed to look after the workers that including economically and socially. Workers Housing built in the industrial village broke the mould and was far ahead of its time, there were good houses built with running water, a hospital for the workers, a school with library and labs along with a gym. Also a park and allotments were created, the total package of facilities and benefits for the workers was far in advance with what workers were mostly getting at the time. The working and living conditions for workers at Saltaire were overall much better than those experienced by workers elsewhere. At its peak the mill employed over 3,000 people who worked in the grand textile mill and lived in the accommodation in the village.

The main mill is know known as Salts Mill and has now been converted in to the 1853 Gallery, an art gallery that showcases the works of local artist David Hockney, among the collection are paintings, drawings and stage sets. The Mill also is now home to a number of commercial shops and businesses, among the business here are florists, antique shops, art materials, carpet and textiles and jewellery shops. Other facilities include a diner and a cafe where visitors can get food and drink and sit down and relax during their visit here.

The Saltaire Festival takes place in September each year that is a celebration of the arts and music, the festival offers an interesting mix of a carnival parade, beer festival, theatre shows , a piazza stage and there are a number of local bands from the area performing.

The Saltaire United Reformed Church was built by Sir Titus Salt in 1859 offers a great example of Italianate religious architecture. The church was built for the spiritual and religious needs of the workers in the mills and the historic church is now a Grade I listed building with the highest level of protection. The church has undergone extensive repair and restoration work to ensure it remains in good condition and is reserved for the future.

The Museum of Reed Organs and Harmoniums is located close by and offers visitors the chance to see approx a hundred reed organs that vary from small book harmoniums to large organs.

Saltaire village with its textile mills, workers housing and public buildings offers visitors the chance to see and learn about some of Britain's most influential industrial heritage. The buildings are built to high standards architecturally, the preserved village gives visitors a great insight in to life here in the 19th century.

A visit here offers visitors the chance to enjoy a day out in the relaxing river side setting along with seeing a site of historical and social importance.

How To Get There

The World Heritage Site in Saltaire is located close to Bradford, it is accessible by car and public transport:

By Car:

Saltaire is located approx 4 miles to the north of Bradford. The M62 and M606 motorways are connected to Bradford.

From the M62, exit the motorway at junction 26 (signposted M606 Bradford), drive on the M606 until junction 3, exit at junction 3 and take the 3rd exit on the roundabout taking you to the A6177 (signposted Ring Road West, Hospitals). When entering Bradford, follow the signs for Salts Mill. The Salts Mill is well signposted.

From the M606 drivers will see the brown road signs taking them to Saltaire.

Car parking is provided free approx 500 yards from the Salt's Mill.

By Train:

Saltaire's railways station is conveniently located opposite Salt's Mill on Victoria Road. Saltaire train station is on the Airedale Line running from Leeds to Skipton & also from Bradford Forster Square to Skipton.

By Bus:

Saltaire is accessible by local bus services that run from Bradford to Keighley run. The village does not have its own dedicated bus station, the main bus route is located on Saltaire Road located on the A650. The most convenient place to get off the bus is the stop closest to Victoria Road. Bus services to Shipley are also an option as it is easy walking distance from Shipley to Saltaire.

Contact Details


Salts Mill
West Yorkshire
BD18 3LA
United Kingdom

Telephone: +44 (0)1274 531163

Fax: +44 (0)1274 531184


Website: Saltaire World Heritage Site

Facilities and Information

Further Information:

Salts Mill:

Opening Times:

Mon to Fri: 10.00 to 17.30, Sat & Sun: 10.00 to 18.00

Admission is Free.

The Diner located in the Salts Mill is open 7 days a week:

Mon to Sun: 10.00 to 17.30

The Cafe into the Opera in the Salts Mill is open:

Wed to Fri: 10.00 to 16.30 (Closed on Mon & Tues)


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Tips & Other Considerations

There may be some variations on the opening hours of the various visitor attractions in the village, depending on the time of year and other factors. Visitors are advised to double check each attraction they wish to see before going & avoid disappointment.

When travelling always follow travel safety advice & remain alert and aware of your surroundings and environment. Ensure your belongings in particular your wallet/purse and valuables are hidden away from public view (especially at tourist attractions & places with crowds). If you have a bag try to use a shoulder bag with a good quality, strong strap, that is put across your shoulder not on your shoulder making it more difficult for anyone to take your bag.

If you are travelling by car to the village, ensure you are well prepared with maps and Sat Nav to aid your journey, particularly if you are not familiar with the local area and roads. It is recommended drivers exercise caution and drive safely. Use the Journey Planning tool for door to door directions for car and public transport journeys.

If you are looking for local car parking at the WHS site, ensure you fully understand the rules, regulations & charges for car parks and street parking before you park your car. The rules & regulations can be complex if you are not sure it is wise not to park there.

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