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The Nigeria Business Travel Guide presents a variety of valuable travel information and tools to assist business travellers. The guide contains facts on the Nigeria, visa information, business customs, useful tips and other resources. A good knowledge of other cultures, languages, customs and traditions can be of great importance to business travellers and give a real advantage to ensuring a successful business trip.

Nigeria is located in West Africa, an emerging regional power with a fast growing economy, it has the largest economy in Africa and is the largest oil producer in the continent. A large, complex and dynamic country that is home to a number of cultures and religions; there are expanding business opportunities in the country and visitors can see a coastline with golden sands, national parks and stunning mountain scenery.

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Quick Facts on Nigeria

Country: Nigeria

Capital: Abuja

Currency: Naira (1 Nigerian Naira = 100 Kobo)

Population: 169 Million (UN, 2012)

Area total: 923,750 sq km

Languages: English, Igbo, Yoruba, Hausa.

Time Zone: GMT +1

Electricity: 240V 50Hz

Dialling Code: 234

GDP: USD 521.8bn (World Bank, 2013)

Religion: Christianity, Muslim and Traditional.

Political System: Federal Republic

Internet Domain: .ng

Nigeria Travel Advice

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office offers travellers useful advice when travelling to Nigeria. You can find further information on entry requirements for Nigeria, advice on local laws and customs, health considerations, tips on safety and security and the address and contact details of the British High Commission in Nigeria. The information is regularly updated making it a useful resource to get the latest travel advice and information on Nigeria for both business and leisure travellers. For more information please see: Nigeria Travel Advice

Visa Requirements

Everyone apart from Nigerian passport holders is required to have a valid visa. Please note visa requirements are subject to change with changes in requirements and rules for further information please see: Nigeria High Commission UK

Business Customs and Etiquette

Business dress is smart, a suit is fine but wearing a tie is not as rigid as is the case in some other countries. It is important to be on time for business meetings whilst acknowledging the hosts may be delayed. Business cards are exchanged usually at the start of the meeting, seniority and hierarchy are taken seriously. People are addressed with their proper titles, would need to wait for any change to this to be initiated by the hosts. There may be some small talk that could centre on neutral topics, prior to moving on to business matters in meetings.

It is not unusual for meetings to take place without previous appointment; for government meetings appointments should be made. English is spoken in business circles, business can progress at a slower pace than is the case for Europe and North America. Business visitors should be aware of commercial fraud that targets foreigners thus business travellers are advised to contact the Nigerian High Commission/Embassy and local Chamber of Commerce before travelling to Nigeria on business.

Travel Advice and Tips

Most trips to Nigeria for both business visitors and tourists are more likely to go without incident provided sensible and appropriate precautions are taken. There are incidents of robbery and car-jackings, it is important not to show any valuables in public and bring attention to yourself. The Foreign office has warnings against travel to the Niger Delta and surrounding areas with the security situation volatile. Tourists have been targeted by scams resulting in the loss of substantial amounts of cash, it is advisable to remain alert and vigilant to avoid getting caught up in unwanted incidents.

Travel Checklist: See our Travellers Checklist containing useful tips and reminders to ensure you have everything you will need on your trip.

Travel Vaccinations: It is recommended you check with your GP whether you require any travel vaccinations up to eight weeks before you travel. For more information and advice on travel vaccinations please see the NHS Fit for Travel website.

Tipping: If service charge is not included usually around 10%

Hours of Business:

For Businesses:
07.30 to 17.30 Monday to Friday

NOTE: In the Northern States there may be some variations on the opening and closing times for businesses to those shown above.

Public Holidays

Public Holidays (2015):

January 1: New Year’s Day
January 3: Milad un Nabi
April 3 :Good Friday
April 6: Easter Monday
May 1: Worker’s Day
July 18: Eid al-fitr
September 23: Eid al-Adha
October 1: Independence Day
December 25: Christmas Day
December 26: Boxing Day

Nigeria Map

Lagos Map, Nigeria

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Nigeria Weather & Climate

Nigeria's weather includes two main seasons dry and rainy; the tropical rainforest climate is found in the south of the country whilst the tropical wet and dry climate is evident in western and central Nigeria. The south coast of the country is humid and hot and has a rainy season from March to November. The rainy season in the north is from July to September. The nights can be cold in December and January. The average temperate in Lagos is 30.7°C.

Suitable clothing includes lightweight cottons and linens with rain coats need in the rainy season. Warmer clothing and layers are need in the evenings in December and January.

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