Airline Seat Plans offers a range of useful information on airlines, airplanes and in-flight facilities including information and tips on choosing your seat. Whether you are flying on internal or international flights, short haul or long haul you can find information on choosing the best seat available for your needs. You can view detailed seating maps along with advice and flight reviews.

Important Considerations when Choosing a Seat include:

• Choosing between economy & premium economy seats
• Choosing between day time and night time flights
• Choosing between window and aisle seats

Other Tips & Considerations

• Usually for comfort, ease of access and space, the middle seats are best avoided.
• Seats close to the toilet are best avoided as they can result in a line of people standing over you, more noise and can omit a foul odour.
• Seats at the rear of the plane can be noisier and bumpier with seats at the front usually among the quietest.

Please Note: The above are tips you may wish to consider, however every traveller may have their own set of specific requirements that best suits themselves.

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