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Travel articles with a range of useful tips and practical advice for business travellers including planning, packing, checklists, safety and more. Business travel can be perceived as glamorous from the outside, flying off for meetings and business deals in some great locations around the world at the companies expense. For business travellers trips can sometimes be anything but glamorous, days can be challenging and stressful with long hours and deadlines to meet. With advances in technology and communications, the modern business traveller is now almost always available where ever they are in the world. Staple business tools include laptops and mobile phones with internet access & many other travel gadgets.

The world of business travel has been evolving with business trips increasing done in new emerging markets in addition to the traditional markets of Europe and North America. Business travellers may now be doing business in many more countries around the world, each with its own national culture, identity, business customs and etiquettes and it pays to have an understanding of the local cultures, languages and customs and can make good business sense.

Business Travel Tips looks at different aspects of business travel including planning of trips, packing when going on trips, time management, check ins, time on flights and evenings. The guide outlines a number of useful tips and considerations travellers may wish to take into consideration on their next trip.

Travelling Light for Business outlines useful ways travellers can travel lighter when going on business trips. The guide includes a number of tips on luggage and clothing with suggestions on packing smarter and more efficiently to save time and hassle.

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