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City guides for the UK, find out more about the UK's cities with our concise guides outlining local city attractions & places of interest. The guides include information on local tourist information, facts, travel & transport, maps, videos & travel information & tips for travellers. Cities in England include London, one of the most popular & visited cities in the world with its mix of historical & contemporary attractions. England’s northern cities have plenty to offer; a rich industrial heritage along with being at the forefront of the arts, culture & popular music they offer interesting locations for city breaks. The cities of Leeds, Liverpool & Manchester are known for their rich history, industry & contribution to the arts, they have a thriving cultural & dining scene & offer lively nightlife.

Cities in Scotland include the capital Edinburgh known for being one of the most scenic capitals in Europe with a thriving arts & culture scene. The city is known for its historic attractions & is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in recognition of its historical & cultural importance. Glasgow is known for its architecture, design & contribution to the arts & culture with a wide choice of museums & art galleries. The city offers a wide range of shopping facilities.

The diverse nature of Britain’s cities means there is plenty to see, do & discover for visitors. There are a range of city breaks available including a choice of breaks in London, seeing the sights, visiting local attractions including museums, historic houses, monuments, world heritage sites, visiting the West End offering a choice of theatre & shows, cruising along the River Thames. With plenty of history, heritage & contemporary attractions London offers something for everyone.

Restaurants in the UK have enjoyed a renaissance in recent years; the dining scene in many towns & cities has been booming offering diners a wide choice of eateries, cafes & restaurants ranging from budget establishments offering value for money to family orientated restaurants, to restaurants specialising in seafood to up market Michelin starred restaurants offering a memorable dining experience to savour. Diners can choose from a choice of cuisines including local British cuisine & experience the range of regional variations across the UK. British diners have become accustomed to trying cuisine from around the world with European, Asian, Oriental & International cuisine widely available. Whatever your culinary preferences you are likely to find a restaurant to cater for your requirements.

The Shopping Guides provide a concise guide to the range of shopping facilities visitors can find in cities across the UK. Shoppers have a choice of options when shopping there are a choice of high street shopping facilities with London’s Oxford Street & Regent Street being among the best known. There are a choice of shopping centres offering a choice of shopping & leisure facilities all under one roof including the MetroCentre, Liverpool ONE, Bluewater & Trafford Centre. There are a number of Designer Outlets located in out of town areas offering discounted designer goods in boutiques & outlets such as Cheshire Oaks & Ashford Designer Outlets & Freeport Braintree.


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