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The capital of Scotland, Edinburgh has a variety of attractions for visitors to enjoy and see, from museums and galleries, to the world renowned castle to the arts festivals, the city is a haven for tourists and those that enjoy culture and the arts. When visiting Edinburgh there are a number of restaurants serving various cuisines to be found that can suit every budget.

The Edinburgh restaurants scene now offers diners more choice than ever before from British restaurants to Gastro pubs, bars, and a whole range of world cuisine including Japanese, Indian and Italian among others.

Below is our list of Restaurants in Edinburgh worth considering, included are restaurants to suit differing budgets and include places to find varying cuisines:

British Cuisine

Brown’s Restaurant is located in the heart of Edinburgh in George Street, here diners and fans of British cuisine can enjoy a hearty meal, and the restaurant is well known for its non fussy food and stylish environment. It has become a firm favourite with diners where the signature dishes include, Mushroom and Guinness Pie and the well known Browns Steak. The menu changes with the seasons ensuring that the freshest ingredients that are in season are used at all times. There is a wide selection of drinks available at the bar, for those that like cocktails there is plenty to try from the cocktails list such as the renowned Browns Mojito. The restaurant offers a place to enjoy dining in the heart of Edinburgh, with good attentive service and a menu that has both classic and modern dishes, Brown's is a place where diners can enjoy both a quality meal and dining experience and offers value for money.

Gastro Pub

Eighty Queen Street is a modern Edinburgh city centre bar and restaurant and is ideally located for visitors to enjoy a meal and/or a drink when visiting the city. It has become one of the top venues for Jazz in Edinburgh where you can top local and international jazz talent live. It is located in Edinburgh's new town, it has proved a popular destination in recent years. Fans of pub styled food will be in their element here, there are plenty of sandwiches and salads on offer, for those wanting something more filling there are jumbo prawns and a variety of pastas, burgers and seafood. There is a lively atmosphere in the bar, top quality jazz entertainment and aligned with the competent food on offer, this is a place worth considering.

Japanese Cuisine

Bonsai is a compact Japanese bistro, offering Japanese cuisine in Edinburgh. Located in West Richmond Street in the city, this is essentially a small and friendly place to enjoy food for those seeking Japanese cuisine. The menu includes dishes such as vegetable tempura, chicken teriyaki, for those feeling more adventurous you can try the sashimi and tako salad (which includes octopus & tomato). The menu offers something for the more conservative diner and for those more adventurous willing to try something altogether more exotic. There are also Japanese beers to try, this friendly venue offers diners the chance to try Japanese cuisine and for the converted the chance to experience some very adventurous dishes.

Indian Cuisine

First opened back in 1947, Khushis restaurant was the first Indian restaurant in Edinburgh. It has moved location around Edinburgh numerous times since then, the current location is in Victoria Street. Inside the restaurant there is a friendly, warm atmosphere to greet diners. The menu has a range of options for diners to choose from, these include tandoori king prawn and dhal makhani for vegetarians. The main signature dish of lamb bhuna is highly regarded. Service here is both friendly and efficient making Khushi's a fine place to enjoy Indian food when in Edinburgh. There is no drinks licence and there are plenty of non-alcoholic drinks on the menu, however for those wanting an alcoholic drink to enjoy with their meals can BYO.

Italian Cuisine

Centotre is an Italian restaurant located in George Street in the heart of Edinburgh. The location of the restaurant used to be a bank, however this has now been transformed in to a modern restaurant with contemporary fixtures & fittings, here diners can enjoy good quality Italian food in the centre of Edinburgh. The central location makes it convenient when going around the city of passing through it. Italian food aficionados have a choice of Italian dishes including pizzas and pastas to choose from. Children are given their own menu that include dishes such as meatballs and can choose pasta dishes in a starter size. This makes it a good restaurant the whole family can enjoy. There is an Italian Bar area that offers snacks among other things. The restaurant has proved to be a big hit with diners since opening.


Located on the Leith waterfront in Edinburgh Fishers Bistro is a haven for all seafood lovers. It first opened back in 1991 and has over the years built up a fine reputation for its quality seafood, here diners can enjoy their meals in a relaxed upmarket bistro atmosphere. The restaurant has nautical decor to match the menu, some well known dishes here include fish soup and Loch Fyne oysters. For the adventurous there are other dishes such as pan fried monkfish, the famed Aberdeen Angus steak is also on the menu. The bistro benefits from good service too, the fresh seafood dishes and range of dishes to try making it a seafood lover’s paradise.

Vegetarian Cuisine

For vegetarian food Kalpna Restaurant offers a good choice for both vegetarians and those wanting to enjoy a vegetarian meal in Edinburgh. The restaurant is long established in Edinburgh dating back to 1982, where it has built up a good reputation for vegetarian food at very reasonable prices. Particularly popular among those going to the theatre and tourists, the menu is inspired by both Gujarati cuisine that contains as many vegetarian dishes as you could ever wish to see and south Indian cuisine. There are many dishes on offer here offering the full range of flavours and spices associated with Indian vegetarian cooking. A popular dish to try is the thali that consists of a platter of vegetables, lentils, yoghurt, pickles and dessert, it is a great way to get a better idea of the vast array of dishes on offer. The restaurant enjoys a relaxed, informal atmosphere that is both light hearted and enjoyable to dine in. The restaurant is also a good choice for vegans who are catered for.

Our concise guide to restaurants in Edinburgh has highlighted some interesting places to dine catering for different budgets and included restaurants for various popular cuisines. There are of course many others in the city worth trying depending on your tastes and budget. Edinburgh has witnessed an increase in restaurants that cater for all of tastes and budgets, with new restaurants opening and many existing ones offering a wider choice of dishes. The positive vibe in Edinburgh reflecting exciting times ahead for the city is reflected in the Edinburgh restaurants scene.

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