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Castle Court Shopping Centre, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Castle Court Shopping Centre, Belfast - © Albert Bridge

The Belfast Shopping guide introduces visitors to the various shopping facilities in Belfast, Northern Ireland. Belfast is enjoying resurgence with the troubles hopefully a long way behind it, the city has become one of the favoured short breaks destinations. The close proximity to the mainland means it is a great place for a short break particularly for a weekend break.

Visitors are attracted by the range of attractions in Belfast and the surrounding areas along with the wonderful scenery in the countryside not far from the city. The shopping facilities are also something shoppers might find themselves pleasantly surprised by. There is plenty of shopping facilities to choose from for shoppers including shopping in the city centre and outlets located outside of Belfast.

Shopping Facilities

The CastleCourt Shopping Centre is located in Belfast city centre. Currently it is the largest shopping mall in Northern Ireland offers shoppers over 70 shops ranging that include Debenhams, Gap, TK Maxx and Principles. There are a wide category of stores that include women’s and me's fashion and clothing, footwear, accessories, toys and gifts, jewellery, health and beauty, electrical and florists. There is a food court on hand for refreshments, food and snacks whilst shopping. Places to east include Pizza Hut, Noodle Bar and Burger King among others.

The CastleCourt shopping centre is open 7 days a week, however individual store times vary.

Car parking is available at the shopping centre.

The closest train stations are Central Street and Victoria Street stations. There are number of bus services that serve central Belfast, among then are the Centre Link bus that links the bus and rail stations with various stops including CastleCourt.

Forestside Shopping is located a few miles outside Belfast city centre in Upper Galwally. There are a range of shops here including Marks & Spencer and Sainsbury's there are also retailers that cater for women's and men's clothing, health and beauty, gifts and accessories, jewellery, technology, electrical and travel.

Forestside is open 7 days a week, however individual stores may have varying opening hours.

The car parking facilities are available free of charge at the shopping centre.

The shopping centre has bus pick up and drop off points to allow visitors to visit by public transport.

The Outlet is an out of town outlet shopping centre. It is located 26 miles south of Belfast on the main A1 road to Dublin. The Outlet offers shoppers with a wide range of top offering from a range of designers and high street brands with discounts up to 70% on a year round basis. There are nearly 70 stores in The Outlet offering shoppers with a range of goods that range from fashion and clothing including designer, to sports and leisure, to gifts and accessories, to jewellery and more. There are a number of food outlets too, including Burger King, Costa Coffee, Starbucks and Subway, meaning there are plenty of food, drink and snacks available to shoppers whilst they shop.

The Outlet is open 7 days a week, however opening hours for individual stores do vary.

For car drivers, there are parking facilities on site.

Trains are available from Belfast's main train stations, namely Belfast Central and Great Victoria Street, from here the closest stops to The Outlet are, Portadown and Newry. From Portadown and Newry stops visitors can get buses or taxis to The Outlet. By bus visitors can get free shuttle buses from the nearby town of Banbridge.

Located in Antrim Junction One is a shopping outlet that is approx 20 miles from Belfast. Here shoppers will find over 70 outlets including some of the worlds leading designer brands alongside High Street brands. Shoppers can look for a bargain with discounts of up to 60% available year round. Among the outlets here are Austin Reed, Marks & Spencer, Next and Clarks. The varied retailers cater for clothing and fashion, gifts and accessories, health and beauty, sports and fitness, footwear, homeware and stationary. There is a retail park adjoining on to the complex where shoppers can find a number of cafes and restaurants catering for those that want a quick drink or want to relax with a coffee to those that want a full meal.

Junction One is open 7 days a week, individual shops may have varying opening times.

For car drivers there is are 3,000 free parking spaces available.

For public transport, the closest train station is Antrim.

Victoria Square is located in the heart of Belfast city centre. There are a range of stores located here which include House of Fraser, other retailers specialising in the following categories are also present, clothing and fashion, gifts, toys and accessories, electrical, sports and fitness, health and beauty, jewellers and telecoms. There is also a multi screen Odeon cinema on site making it a great place to shop and then relax and watch a film. There are a range of eateries and restaurants too, including catering for those wanting a quick bite with fast food and those wanting Italian, Spanish and International cuisine.

Victoria Square is open 7 days a week, however the opening times of individual stores may vary.

There is a car park offering car parking facilities for visitors that come by car.

The central location makes Victoria Square easily assessable by public transport, Translink buses operate across Belfast city centre and with stops close by offers a good way to get to and from the shopping centre. From the two main stations, Great Victoria Street and Central Station the centre is approx a five minute walk.

Among the oldest of Belfast’s attractions is St George's Market the market was built in the late 19th century and offers shoppers a range of locally produced produce at highly competitive prices. The Friday Variety Market sells a wide array of goods, everything from food to antiques. Whilst the City Food and Garden Market takes place each Saturday, here local producers sell their produce that includes a range of meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables offering a range of organic produce too. With entertainment and music on offer too, the market makes for a fascinating and enjoyable place for shoppers to visit.

Opening times:

Friday Variety Market: 06.00am to 1pm.

Saturday City Food and Garden Market: 09.00am to 3pm.

The central location ensures the market easily assessable by public transport, Translink buses operate across Belfast city centre and with stops close by offers a good way to get to and from the market. From the two main stations, Great Victoria Street and Central Station the market is within walking distance.

Smithfield Market is located in Belfast city centre and offers shoppers the chance to purchase a range of goods at bargain prices. Among the goods available here are collectibles and souvenirs, health and beauty, carpets and rugs, African and Caribbean food, dress makers, leather goods and second hand goods.


Use the Shopping Search map to find the location of Belfast's shopping facilities including malls and markets. The markers on the map show the shopping facilities mentioned above. You can also use the local search for Restaurants, Bars, Hotels, Coffee Shops, Tourist Attractions and more. There is also a place finder and phonebook to help your search. To view click on the Belfast Shopping search link below and ensure your browser is pop up enabled: Belfast Shopping Map

Tips & Other Considerations

There are variations on the hours shopping centres and individual shops are open for depending on the shops and the particular day of the week.

Visitors will hopefully have a great experience shopping in Belfast, however you should be aware of crowds, your surroundings and follow common sense measures to ensure your safety and that of your valuables.

Be alert and aware of your belongings at all times especially your wallet/purse and valuables and ensure they are hidden away from public view. If you have a bag try to use a shoulder bag with a strong strap, that is put across your shoulder not on your shoulder making it more difficult for anyone to snatch your bag.

Do not leave your bags/shopping bags unattended, helping you avoid being a victim of theft and helps lessen the chances of losing the bags.

If you are travelling by car ensure you park in designated car parks or official street parking. Carefully check over the rules & regulations to ensure you understand them correctly. If you are not certain of the rules it is safer not to park there, beware of possible fines and other sanctions that can be used if you park illegally or not in accordance with the rules.

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