Snowdonia Travel Guide

Gwydir Forest, Snowdonia, Wales

Introduction and Overview

The Snowdonia Travel Guide looks at local places of interest and attractions in the scenic region located in Wales. The area guide features travel information on local transport and travel, facts & figures, entertainment, events, maps and accommodation.

Snowdonia is a region and national park located in North Wales, covering an area of 838 square miles. It became one of the first designated national parks in England and Wales back in 1951.

The Snowdonia mountains and coastline have long been a hit with visitors from the UK and overseas and is one of the most popular national parks in the UK.

The large mountains and natural scenery make for great terrain for walkers whilst the great outdoors and activities are especially well catered for here.

Snowdonia is considered among the best activity destinations in the UK making it very popular with activity enthusiasts and thrill seekers. Here you can enjoy adventure sports, mountain biking, water sports, walking, fishing, golf and horse riding and many others.

The seaside is popular and boasts some beautiful coastline areas such as the Lleyn Peninsula, which are areas of outstanding natural beauty and provide a scenic treat for visitors.

There is plenty of history in the region with old castles a testament to the great history and culture of the area. Snowdonia certainly offers stunning scenery, the name come from the English name from the highest peak Mt. Snowdon, whilst the local Welsh name translates as the eagle’s resting place.

The area boasts some spectacular passes alongside some quaint villages, waterfalls and the opportunity to go on some walks along the riverside.

Bala Lake or Llyn Tegid in Welsh is the largest natural body of water in Wales, water sports enthusiasts are very keen on using the lake and can benefit from the winds that sweep in from the mountain valley.

The steam trains of the narrow-gauge Bala Lake Railway run for a few miles along its southern shore. Nearby another lake, Llyn Celyn, is totally artificial and canoeing competitions are held there.

Castell y Bere is a ruined castle in a very picturesque valley location it was built by Llewelyn the Great. Whilst ruins of Castell y Bere do not rise high, visitors can still see the main layout of the castle that was built on a rocky outcrop in the Dysynni valley.

It is for this tranquil, isolated setting many visitors came and see the ruins. The castle was built by Llywelyn the Great back in the 1220's.

Mount Snowdon is the highest peak in England and Wales at over 1,000 metres, the local Welsh name is Yr Wyddfa that translates as 'The Tomb'. The summit of the mountain can be reached by a number of different paths or the Snowdonia Mountain Railway, this scenic and enjoyable route is taken by many.

Each year many visitors come to the mountain keen on seeing the mountain and wishing to scale its slopes. The mountain has biodiversity in both animals and plants and there are efforts being made to maintain the ecology of the area.

Mount Snowdon has become a national symbol for the Welsh people and has something of an iconic status to it.

Snowdonia represents an activity enthusiast’s paradise, visitors can take part in a wide range of activities and enjoy the wonderful surroundings. The sea cliffs hills and hidden waterfalls as a backdrop add to the sense of adventure. There are a number of activity providers in the area that cater for activities in Snowdonia region.

Visitors can benefit from flexible arrangements and courses. The activities on offer range from Canoeing and kayaking in the lakes and rivers to abseiling, caving, climbing, river gorge-adventures and biking.

There are also many mountain bike adventures and camping expeditions, multi-activity and summer camps the list goes on and the choice is yours. See Snowdonia Active for more details on the range of activities offered by various providers.

Snowdonia is a beautiful region in Wales that is famed for its scenery and surroundings, it is also one of the outdoor activities capitals of the UK. Many visitors enjoy a break in the tranquil surroundings with dramatic scenery all year around. It is a great place to get away from it all and become refreshed.

Its location means it is assessable particularly by road and for those in the Midlands and South of England represents a great place to go for a break being only a few hours away.

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