Hotel Star Ratings

Hotel Star Ratings

Hotel Star Ratings are used as a general guideline to rate hotels, there are no universal standard methods of rating hotels around the world. Star ratings and accommodation classifications should not be used in isolation, before finalising any Hotel Booking it is wise to get more information on the hotel and the facilities it offers to see if these meet your requirements.

The star ratings usually vary from one star to five stars, although you may find some hotels are not graded while others are classed as six or seven star, these are ultra luxurious hotels.

One Star

These hotels may be small, independently run family businesses. The facilities may be limited and the meals of a simple nature. However hygiene and comfort levels should be of a satisfactory level even at this price range.

Two Star

These are typically small to medium sized and offer comfortable accommodation usually with an en suite bath/shower. There is usually a wider range of food and drink on offer for guests when compared to one star hotels.

Three Star

Usually larger in size with increased staff to offer more services. The restaurant may cater for hotel and non-hotel residents, widening the cuisine on offer. The rooms would have telephones, hair dryers and toiletries. Some may have provisions for business visitors and room service.

Four Star

These hotels are expected to include more luxurious features and services. 24 hour room service and porterage would be expected to be offered along with laundry and dry cleaning. Larger bedrooms with good quality furnishings and decor are the norm. The restaurant would be expected to offer a much wider choice than for the previous star levels.

Five Star

These hotels are expected to meet top international standards, they may be part of large international hotel groups or smaller boutique and niche hotels. The rooms are characterised by quality furnishings, decor and attention to detail. The staff should display professionalism and the hotel should offer a full range of services meeting international standards.

Hotel Star ratings give an indication to the levels of service, comfort and hospitality that you can expect from hotels. Further research including calling up the hotel to ensure what you thought they were offering is indeed correct, may help prevent any misunderstandings and avoid disappointment.

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