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Surfing in Newquay
Newquay Surfing - © Kate Jewell

UK surfing areas are situated all over the UK, so if you are a keen surfer or a beginner keen to learn you do not have to go abroad to enjoy surfing. Once thought of as the preserve of sun drenched, warm climate countries blessed with good conditions for surfing, the perception is changing. While areas such as Australia, South Africa and Hawaii are internationally renowned as surfing hot spots, the UK has some gems of its own.

The most southerly county Cornwall is one of the best known surfing areas in the UK. Fistral and Town Beaches in Newquay are among the most renowned of Cornwall’s surfing areas. They attract large numbers of surfers especially during the summer months. There is plenty more besides, pubs and clubs are plentiful, it is an area that has something for everyone, it also has a vibrant nightlife.

Bournemouth located in Dorset on the south coast is a favourite among surfers in the UK. It is particularly good for winter surfing due to its location. Being easily assessable by both road and rail it is a popular place for surfers to go. The relaxed atmosphere and laid back attitude make for a relaxing place in which to enjoy surfing. There are also plenty of restaurants, pubs and clubs, making it the perfect pace to go for a surfing break.

The climate in Wales ensures good surfing conditions. Llangennith Beach is located on the Gower coastline works on all tides and picks up any swell that’s going. It is a popular location and attracts a number of visitors particularly in the summer months. Caswell Bay conveniently located close to Swansea makes Caswell a spot where you can go for a quick surf.

The East Coast has Tynemouth, where Long Sands main beach is a most popular place especially for beginners. Autumn to spring is a good time to visit and most reliable to get a good surf. Long Sands benefits from working on all tides and westerly winds produce good conditions for surfers. Sandsend Bay, this well known area for beach breaks picks up any swells going in the area. It is a particularly good location for beginners to surfing.

Surfing in Scotland offers the experienced surfer a good challenge. Dunnet Bay is a hidden gem benefiting from great waves, add to this you are not going to be in an area that is crowded, you can enjoy your surfing here in peace. Tomsdale, is a location also renowned as a beach break area where you can enjoy a good surf, away from the crowds.

The UK has a number of top surfing destinations offering plenty of choice for surfers to enjoy riding the waves close to home. The increase in popularity of surfing ensures that surfing areas with in the UK are becoming more attractive to surfers by offering better facilities and amenities.

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