Working Holidays

Working Holidays

Many people are discovering that working holidays can offer them a great way to work overseas and fund their travel. They allow you to see the world whilst funding your trip, there are many types available in various countries around the world some involve paid work others involve volunteer or charity work. The popularity of these holidays shows no signs of slowing down, indeed many view them as a great opportunity to travel and earn before coming home and settling down to a 'normal' job.

There are many tour operators who offer opportunities to work abroad, the type of work can vary tremendously. If you are considering the option to work abroad on holiday it is advisable to do your research correctly to ensure you are fully aware what you are getting in to and know what to expect. Lack of research can lead to expectations not being fulfilled and disappointment. Different countries have different rules regarding their procedures and requirements for working, it is worth being conversant with the various rules before embarking on any trip.

A tour operator can help in this area with providing you with the various rules, regulations and procedures that need to be followed. You can of course find these out yourself, but it may be better to double check with an established tour operator with experience in this area to ensure you have not missed anything.

For most travellers without taking on some work abroad on their gap year it would be extremely difficult to fund their trip as they would need to fund it all upfront. Earning money is an objective on gap years, there are also many other benefits of working abroad. By working abroad you get to know the local people a lot better and you would have a lot more interaction with them. Work abroad helps give you a better understanding of the country you are visiting and a greater insight in to that country, culture and people meaning your overall experience is greatly enhanced.

The type of work abroad you can do is extremely diverse there are a range of different jobs available currently. It is a world away from the traditional thoughts that may come to mind such as fruit picking. If you work abroad you can use it to help enhance your CV showing the experience you have had overseas in different countries and in a global economy that can be an advantage. If you are considering work abroad where can you go and what can you do?

Australia is a favourite destination for UK citizens for work abroad, it boasts a well established infrastructure for gap year travellers and for those wanting to work under the one year working holiday scheme. The sunshine, beaches, tourist attractions and quality of life mean many people are attracted to working in Australia. The work you can get varies from office work, adventure/nature work to fruit picking and many more. The possibilities are almost endless, it a place worth considering as it offers most things to most people.

Neighbouring New Zealand has much to offer for those seeking work abroad, whilst sometimes forgotten by travellers who go to its cousin Australia, New Zealand offers a great experience for those seeking adventure, the fabulous scenery make it one of the most beautiful places anywhere and the famous friendly laid back attitude make it a place you can enjoy your working experience. The work varies too, it is worth seeking what New Zealand has to offer but may be pleasantly surprised.

In South America Argentina offers one of the most fascinating and exciting places in South America to do volunteer work on a social volunteer placement. Volunteers who wish to work and travel Argentina can see and learn a lot of the local communities and help with charitable work. This can be combined with seeing this wonderful country and its neighbours such as Brazil.

In Asia China offers a working experience with a difference, you can experience a new culture and see the world’s fastest growing economy with the huge changes taking place. Teaching English is popular and there is work in this area, this can be combined with seeing the sights of this vast nation and the attractions it has, such as the Great Wall.

Placements in Africa are also popular and doing volunteer work to help local communities particularly so. Teaching is popular, as is helping in conservation related projects, you can get to know the local communities and increase your overall learning and the benefits you gain from such an experience.

For further information please see Real Gap and Overseas Jobs where you can find useful information and resources on overseas working holidays and placements. Working holidays can give you a great new working experience, help see the world, learn about other countries and cultures and open your mind to the huge range of ideas and different ways of living and working.

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