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Ever increasing numbers of people are using air travel, with more routes to more countries served by airlines than ever before the skies are busier than ever. Whether you are going to be travelling by air to go on holiday, visit family and friends or travel on a business trip read our air travellers tips for some useful advice and tips you can use to ensure you have a better journey by air.

Travelling Tips for Air Travellers

Before You Start Your Trip
At The Airport
On The Flight
When You Return

Before You Start Your Trip

Research the countries you will be visiting, find out more about the airlines and routes to the destinations you want to visit. Find out if flights are direct or have stop-overs, once you have this information you can see the different options open to you and can choose the best one for your own circumstances.

Compare airline ticket prices from different providers or try air ticket aggregators to get a range of prices and airlines.

If you have a tighter time frame on your trip look for direct flights to and from your destinations.

If you do not like flying or have medical reasons for not wanting to sit on a flight for too long at one stretch, consider having a flight that has stop-overs, although this will increase your journey time, it can help break the journey in to smaller more manageable chunks.

Try to get lots of sleep for a few days before the flight to ensure you are rested and in better shape to cope with the possible jet lag and lack of sleep you may experience on the flight and on your journey.

Plan your trip well leaving plenty of time to do your research, find and book the best tickets for your requirements.

When booking your flight remember to make any special requests you may have to the airline or tour operator, i.e. if you have special dietary requirements (vegetarian, vegan, nut free etc).

Ensure you take any medications you may need and have medicines for common ailments such as headaches, stomach upsets, fever and diarrhoea etc.

Choose airlines with a good safety record and a good record of punctual flights.

Use the seat booking facilities provided by airlines to choose your seats on the flight, do not leave this to the last minute as the type of seats you were looking for may be gone.

Consider checking in and printing out your boarding pass online. Many airlines provide facilities online to check-in and print out your boarding passes. This can save time and reduce stress at the airport.

Dress in comfortable casual clothes that are loose fitting and do not wear tight fitting shoes. Dressing casually helps keep a low profile while you are travelling and tight fitting shoes can be a problem on the flight when your feet & ankles can swell up at high attitude.

Consider taking socks designed to help prevent blood clots and DVT. If in doubt check with your GP for the best course of action for yourself.

Remember that although there is a lot of media coverage on air safety; it is easy to feel vulnerable travelling by air, it is statically one of the safest forms of travel.

At The Airport

Ensure you arrive at the airport in plenty of time, allow for unforeseen incidents and build in some contingency time to avoid the prospect of extra stress, anxiety and missing your flight.

If you are disabled, use a wheel chair or are travelling with someone that needs a wheel chair arrive early and make yourselves known at the check in desk. If you arrive later an need help checking in, being escorted through customs or a wheel chair there may not be enough staff on hand or wheel chairs and any other equipment.

When checking in check any special requests such as meal requirements and if anything has been missed request they correct it.

Plan to arrive early and check in this means you can double check every thing is booked correctly and not have to carry round your baggage reducing the chances of your baggage being lost or stolen and leaves you free to move without lugging around heavy baggage.

Do not leave any baggage unattended for any reason at the airport. Be alert and vigilant at all times and aware of your surroundings and those around you.

Keep children and anyone you are responsible for under close watch, it is easy for children in particular to wonder off. Not knowing where children and dependants are can increase stress, anxiety and cause you miss your flight.

If you see someone acting suspiciously at the airport or on the grounds of the airport report it immediately to the authorities.

Do not make any jokes or flippant remarks or suggestions that can cause a security scare. Any jokes are likely to be taken very seriously and could have you in serious trouble. If you are in any doubt it is safer not to say it.

Go to the airport toilet before you board the flight, this means you do not have to go straight away on the flight and there may be delays for various reasons in being able to use the toilets on the flight.

Eat something before you get on the flight (but not too much otherwise it can cause indigestion and sickness). You do not know exactly when food will be served and this is especially important if you have special dietary requirements as specific meals may be in short supply on the flight.

Take air/motion sickness tablets before you get on the flight.

On The Flight

Ensure you drink plenty of water on the flight to stop dehydration which can make you feel sick and have a bad headache.

Avoid drinking fizzy drinks, drinks with caffeine and alcohol as they can be dehydrating, try to sick to drinking water and still juices.

Do not over eat on the flight, being in a confined space makes it difficult to digest food and not feel bloated and get indigestion.

Be aware of where your baggage on the flight is and not leave any important travel documents i.e. passport & tickets and valuables lying around. Put important documents and valuables in a lockable section of your cabin baggage, do not leave open.

Stay active on the flight, try to walk up and down the flight cabin when safe to do so, if you cannot then ensure you regularly exercise your legs, feet, arms and neck to help keep your blood circulation moving and reduce the chances of blood clots and DVT.

Beware of germs and infections that can be easily picked up on the flight with so many people in a confined space. Take anti bacterial wipes with you and use on the flight especially before eating, touching any food and after using the toilet.

If you can sleep on the flight do so, you may feel more rested and relaxed when you arrive. If you cannot try to pass the time by watching movies, listening to music, reading, doing a crossword, chatting to others etc this can help to pass the time and take your mind off feeling ill, especially for those that do not enjoy air travel or feel unwell on flights.

Do not make any jokes or flippant remarks that can cause a security alert or panic on the flight. If in doubt do not say it.

When You Return

When disembarking the flight, ensure you have all of your belongings and luggage including your travel documents and valuables.

Take your time when getting off the plane, hurrying to get out can result in forgetting to take something important or losing luggage and documents.

Be careful when you return back from your flight, many travellers get ill after they return back, germs and infections can manifest themselves some time after you travel. Monitor your health carefully and if you have any concerns get it checked out with your GP.

You may want to take some supplements to help strengthen your immune system to lessen the chances of being ill. If you are going to take supplements or any medication it is very important to check everything with your GP/doctor first.

The useful tips and advice highlighted in the air travellers tips guide provide a good starting reference point for travellers to pick up advice and help on ways to ensure they improve their experience of air travel. While some travellers greatly enjoy air travel and others do not, making the best of your time at the airport and in the air can help ensure you enjoy a more pleasant journey by air. Travellers can adopt some of the tips and advice above to hopefully improve their overall air travel experience leaving them to get on and enjoy their holidays or have a successful business trip.

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