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Staying at campsites and holiday villages is one of several accommodation options open for UK visitors. Campsites conjure up thoughts of the great outdoors and plenty of adventures when sleeping under the stars. Holiday villages have been prominent in the UK for several decades and provide an option for those seeking a UK Break. The campsite & holiday village travellers tips guide offers an insight in to UK campsites, holiday villages, the facilities and cost involved and other tips travellers should be aware of.

UK Travellers Tips - Campsite & Holiday Villages

Campsite Accommodation
Holiday Villages Accommodation
Campsite & Holiday Village Facilities & Cost
Campsite & Holiday Village Tips & Considerations

Campsite Accommodation

Camping is popular in the UK and is enjoyed by many people each year, despite the famous unpredictable British weather. While the weather is indeed changeable it is on the whole seldom extreme making camping a viable option for much of the year. There is a vast array of campsites across the UK, there are small sites, medium ones and very large specially built ones, the locations vary too from close to tourist areas to secluded and quiet ones in the countryside and forests. Camping has been and remains a favourite of those that enjoy the great outdoors, activities & sports, camping outside can offer a wonderful experience and give you wonderful memories of your trip to the UK.

Camping, Holiday & Touring parks are well designed for families and groups and on the whole offer good value for money when compared to other accommodation. For those that want to experience the famed English countryside there are plenty of parks in the countryside where you can experience this, for those that wish to have a seaside adventure, there are also plenty of parks in coastal regions. Caravans can be hired at some parks offering spacious accommodation at good value rates. For camping it is wise to bring your own tent given most sites do not offer tents for hire, with pitches starting from as little as £5 it is a cost effective way to enjoy the great outdoors.

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Holiday Villages Accommodation

Holiday villages offer a very British holiday experience, they are well established in the UK for several decades. They came to prominence in an era before mass international travel, cheap package holidays & cheap flights, they offered good places to holiday in the UK. Holiday villages in the UK offer a range of accommodation from the well known traditional camps to newer villages that are climate controlled.

Holiday villages have always been popular with families offering plenty for the children to do and many have children’s clubs and activities offering more relaxation time for the parents. There are usually a range of activities on offer meaning you can do as little or as much as you like and with evening entertainment included, they offer a good package for the whole family to enjoy themselves on a relatively reasonable budget.

Among the leading Holiday Villages in the UK are Centerparcs and Parkdean Holidays who offer a range of resorts across the UK.

Campsite & Holiday Village Facilities & Cost

Campsite facilities vary depending on each particular site but many offer showers, toilets, security (locked gates), laundry, shops selling essentials such as bread, milk & camping equipment, electrical points and some have wireless broadband. Pitches start from approx £5 with the cost rising for more facilities. The cost of hiring caravans in camp sites can vary depending on the size of the accommodation, the amenities in the caravan, the location & time of year booked, the average for weekly hire starts from around £220.

Holiday villages have been compared to all in one resorts given they can offer accommodation, entertainment, relaxation, leisure & culinary facilities and services, everything you would need on your holiday. UK holiday villages a range of accommodation from budget rooms to larger more spacious ones greater facilities. There is usually plenty included in the holiday village packages including food & accommodation, children’s clubs, activities, sporting facilities and live entertainment covering just about all of your holiday requirements.

The prices vary depending on the level of accommodation, facilities and locations, there are some good offers around including some weekend breaks from around £80. Prices are subject to change with seasonal promotions and sales, it is useful to check on the websites of various holiday village operators to monitor current offers and prices.

Campsite & Holiday Village Tips & Considerations

If you are considering camping it is wise to have a back up plan and ensure you have enough money to stay at a near by hotel if there is an unforeseen circumstances, i.e. ill health, severe/extreme weather changes & other possible scenarios.

When considering camping if you are a fan of creature comforts & warm hotel rooms along with a range of facilities available for you to use, you are most likely not going to enjoy camping.

If you have health issues & concerns and sleeping outdoors camping & being more prone to be affected by the elements, think carefully & consider if camping is for you or whether staying in a hotel makes more sense for you.

If you wish to stay at peak times of the year i.e. summer holidays, Easter & Christmas it is wise to check availability & book in time to ensure you do not miss out, given camp sites & holiday villages can get very busy at these times.

Use high security leg locks, wheel clamps, hitch locks & high security anti theft locks to prevent your caravan from being stolen & to make it as difficult as possible for thieves.

Ensure your caravan is fully insured and is in good working order before you start your journey.

Room rates & occupancy are likely with be higher during peak periods for holiday villages, if you wish to stay during peak periods consider booking in advance to help lower the cost or stay just before or after the peak season.

Whether you are in a campsite or holiday village, take care of your belongings and valuables and do not leave your luggage & valuables unattended. Do not leave valuables & important documents such as passports, tickets, travellers cheques, money & jewellery lying around or in public view.

The social aspect & camaraderie of camping and staying at holiday villages are one of the best aspects associated with camping and holiday village options. It is however recommended visitors are careful how much information you give out to strangers you do not know. It is recommended not to give out personal information.

If you require a particular facility or service, double check with the campsite/holiday village to ensure they offer such a facility/service (or can be found near by) and that it is being offered when you wish to stay, to avoid disappointment.

Campsites and holiday villages offer an alternative that visitors may wish to consider when looking for accommodation in the UK. Staying at campsites and holiday villages with their distinct character and relaxed feel offer an interesting option compared to hotels & package holidays. While camping and holiday villages may not appeal to everyone they do appeal to plenty of visitors offering both affordable accommodation and an interesting experience as has been outlined in the campsite & holiday village travellers tips

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