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Whilst many people enjoy eating and drinking on their holidays, many people unfortunately are the victims of stomach upsets, diarrhoea and other conditions. The eating and drinking travellers tips gives useful advice and tips travellers can adopt to minimise the chances of having their holidays or business trips ruined by food and drink related health problems.

Easting & Drinking Tips for Travellers

Before You Start Your Trip
Do Not Forget To Take
Whilst You Are Abroad
Safety Tips & Considerations
When You Return

Before You Start Your Trip

Ensure you take the recommended vaccinations for all of the countries you will be visiting, check with your GP at least eight weeks before you are due to go, for the latest medical advice on what to take. Typhoid and hepatitis A among others can be contracted via contaminated food and water.

Do your research on the places you will be visiting and learn more about the food and drink available where you will be going and become aware of any current food/water/drinks issues and concerns there may be in the country.

If you are taking any food or drink with you on holiday or business trips, check the regulations of the countries you are going to for what is allowed and how much. Do not break any local or international laws on food and drink.

Check if the water is safe to drink, remember in some countries the water is not safe to drink and is not safe to brush your teeth with too. Research the advice for where you will be travelling to. If you have a sensitive stomach or are prone to feeling unwell when abroad, it is safer to stick to bottled water.

Do Not Forget To Take

Any medications you currently take and may require during your trip. Take enough medication to fully cover the duration of your trip and some extra as a contingency in case you are delayed for any reason.

A doctor’s letter explaining the reason you need to take your medication, in case you need to get some more when you are on your trip.

Take medicines for common ailments such as for upset stomachs, diarrhoea, headaches, fever etc.

Take anti bacteria wipes/solution, this comes in useful if you cannot wash your hands and are going to eat or have touched things where germs reside. It is prudent to regularly use the anti bacteria wipes/solution to help ensure you do not pass on infections and germs from your hands.

Whilst You Are Abroad

Ensure you always wash your hands after your use the toilet, if for any reason you cannot use anti bacteria wipes/solution and avoid eating food or preparing food until you have washed your hands properly.

Always wash your hands thoroughly before eating or preparing food.

Use bottled water in places where water is not safe to drink. Ensure the bottled water is genuine and the seal has not been tampered with. If in doubt do not drink the water and get bottled water from a reputable source, ask the hotel or tour operator for their recommendations and any places to avoid.

If you have concerns of the quality of the water or if bottled water is not available, you can boil water instead.

Do not eat food that has been kept warm.

Do not eat any food that is from dubious sources or you have concerns to its quality.

Avoid taking ice in drinks and any ice used in keeping food cool.

Avoid dairy products such as milk, yoghurts and cheese unless you are sure it has be pasteurised and has been adequately refrigerated. If in doubt avoid them.

Avoid food that has been left open, food exposed to flies and anything else that could increase the chances of germs and infections.

Eat ice cream only from reputable sources and if the ice cream appears as though it has not been refrigerated properly, do not eat.

Be careful in having street food or food kept in open environments, if you have a sensitive stomach it is best to avoid these.

Avoid food that is not properly cooked especially raw meats and fish.

Look for food that is thoroughly cooked and is piping hot, you are less likely to get ill eating this.

Eat and drink in moderation, whilst it is nice to enjoy yourself on holiday beware that over doing it can result in illness, accidents and ruining your holidays.

Safety Tips & Considerations

Do not leave your drinks unattended, colourless and odourless drugs can be used to spike them. Stop the possibility by not leaving your drinks unattended.

Ensure you drink in moderation, being drunk makes you more vulnerable to theft and other criminal activities, increases the chances of having an accident and ruining your holiday/trip.

Do not bring any food or drink back to the UK that is illegal. Check first what you can and what you cannot bring back. Beware of milk/meat products that are illegal to bring back if they are not from the EU.

When You Return

There are limits on various different types of food and drinks that can be legally brought in to the UK, ensure you check the rules and do not break the law. Check first and avoid trouble further on, if caught bring food and drink in to the UK against the law and regulations, travellers risk having the goods taken off them and prosecution.

When you return to the UK ensure you take your booster jabs of any vaccinations that require them.

Upon your return to the UK, it is wise to eat and drink healthily and in moderation to minimise the chances of falling ill after you come back home. Unfortunately some travellers find they are ill when they return home after the holiday finished. Beware of catching germs on air flights and public places, you can take supplements to boost your immune system to hopefully stay illness free.

The advice and tips contained in the guide are designed to provide travellers with a concise checklist of some important considerations for eating and drinking when on holidays or a business trips. Following a few simple common sense food and drink hygiene tips and things to look out for should hopefully increase the chances of travellers being able to enjoy their food and drink on holiday and stay illness free. Being aware of the pitfalls and local situations can help travellers enjoy a better trip.

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