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Guest Accommodation offers travellers to the UK the chance to experience a warm British welcome at family run establishments and see the British way of life. There are thousands of bed and breakfasts (B&B) across the whole of the UK in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. B&Bs are found in tourist areas, large cities, smaller towns, in the countryside and off the beaten path. They offer travellers a different experience from that encountered in mainstream hotels and boutiques, not only do they suit those on a budget they area great option for those with a spirit of adventure keen to gain further insight and learn more about the UK. The guest accommodation travellers tips guide takes a look at the options open to travellers and highlights some useful tips and practical considerations they may wish to consider.

Guest Accommodation UK Travellers Tips

UK Guest Accommodation
Guest Accommodation Facilities & Cost
Guest Accommodation Tips & Considerations

UK Guest Accommodation

The main appeal of staying in guest accommodation is the homely feel, relaxed atmosphere and the ability to get to know the owners who extend visitors a warm welcome. Some prefer this to the much less personal attention and feel visitors may find in hotels particularly large ones. Another enduring appeal for visitors is the cost, on the whole it is lower than that found in hotels and helps those on a budget to still travel where it may not be otherwise possible. There is also the history and character behind many of the guest accommodations that has enduring appeal for many. Guest accommodations can be found in some historic buildings that are full of charm and character that provide an interesting alternative to newer, larger hotel buildings.

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Guest accommodation is located in all corners of the UK and off the beaten path, you may well find in more rural areas where there are no large hotels, guest houses provide a great place to stay whilst you are exploring the area. The owners can often be a great source of local information and it is worth asking them for their local area tips & advice, to help enhance your trip.

Guest Accommodation Facilities & Cost

The image of guest accommodation may conjure thoughts of good value, small family run establishments offering no frills bed and breakfast accommodation. Whilst you can find guest accommodation like these in the UK, there are a wide range of guest accommodation places in the UK offering a wide array of accommodation from no frill budget, to comfortable to luxurious. The standard of accommodation varies as with hotels from no frills i.e. 1 star to exclusive and luxurious i.e. 5 star and a whole range in between. Travellers considering trying guest accommodation on visits to the UK should note the range of accommodation on offer when making up their minds when deciding on whether or not it is for them.

The facilities on offer range from a room in a small guest house without en suite bathroom, to rooms with en suite facilities, to more comfortable rooms and luxury provided. At the top end of the scale guest accommodation can offer accommodation comparable to a quality hotel with a personal touch and family feel. In guest accommodation you could well find yourself having breakfast with other guests on a family dining table and seeing various members of the family running the guest house working in it.

The cost of guest accommodation varies depending on the facilities offered, location, time of year and other factors. However guest accommodation usually can be found from around £15 per night (making it good value and significantly cheaper than the majority of hotels) the other end of the scale for exclusive guest accommodation with more luxury thrown in can cost £150 plus.

Guest Accommodation Tips & Considerations

Being practical if you like the extra facilities of larger hotels or need extra creature comforts, staying at budget B&Bs is unlikely to be for you.

If you like staying in smaller establishments or family run places where you can often get to know the owners if you stay a while and value a friendly and homely atmosphere and feel, staying in guest accommodation i.e. B&Bs is likely to appeal to you & offer you a great experience when visiting the UK.

If you require a particular facility or service, double check with the guest accommodation to ensure they offer such a facility/service and that it is being offered when you wish to stay, to avoid disappointment.

Guest accommodation like hotels can get very busy at peak times i.e. summer (Jun to Sept), public & bank holidays and school holidays, if you wish to go at this time it is wise to book in advance to ensure you get a booking. If you want to stay away from the peak season going off peak can mean lower room rates & less crowds.

If you are staying in a rural guest accommodation facility check for transport links, are there public transport links? If not are you going to hire a car?

If you have any special requirements i.e. dietary ensure you check with the guest accommodation to check that they can accommodate your request, if not you may need to find alternative guest accommodation.

There are guest accommodation facilities in a range of buildings, some of these are older, historic ones which may not have disabled access & lifts. If you are disabled, travelling with a disabled person or have mobility problems be sure to check the accommodation can properly offer the facilities you require for your access & mobility.

There are usually times by which you need to check in i.e. 21.00/22.00. If you arrive after that you may incur a fee or find the accommodation has been given to someone else. Ask what the time is for your accommodation so you are not caught out & if you are going to arrive after the normal time allowed let the host know well in time to see if they can accommodate your request.

Staying in guest accommodation in the UK has plenty of advantages for those that wish to experience the homely feel and relaxed atmosphere of the thousands of guest houses and B&Bs across the UK, as been highlighted in the guest accommodation travellers tips guide. Guest accommodation may not be suitable for everyone depending on the facilities and standard of accommodation you require and practical/mobility considerations. However with thousands of guest accommodations to choose from offering a range of facilities and accommodation levels there are likely to be plenty of options for those wishing to experience staying in the UK in guest accommodation.

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