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Hostel Accommodation

Hostel & Campus Accommodation offers visitors to the UK the chance to stay in cost effective accommodation. There are plenty of hostels all over the UK, they have long been a firm favourite for students, those on a budget and those on the move attracted by the reasonable cost, are traveller friendly and offer the chance to meet & socialise with other travellers. Campus accommodation offers visitors the opportunity to stay at some of the many historic and well known universities across the UK.

Visitors can stay on a reasonable budget and also benefit from the local facilities around the campus meaning amenities are never far away. Both hostel and campus accommodation can offer plenty of advantages for visitors to the UK, including the chance to experience something different to a hotel stay. The hostel & campus accommodation travellers tips guide highlights some of the options visitors have and some top tips, advice & other considerations for travellers to consider.

UK Travellers Tips - Hostel & Campus Accommodation

Hostel Accommodation
Campus Accommodation
Hostel & Campus Facilities & Cost
Hostel & Campus Accommodation Tips & Considerations

Hostel Accommodation

Hostels have long been the favourite accommodation choice for students and those on a budget, they also offer cheap no frills accommodation options for a range of visitors. Hostels cater for individual and group travellers offering accommodation usually significantly cheaper than you will find in hotels. For those that do not mind the no frills approach hostels offer a great way to explore the UK. There are many Youth Hostels across the UK especially in larger cities being popular with younger travellers offering the chance to meet other travellers and socialise.

Hostels usually offer shared rooms or private rooms for individuals, couples and groups. On the whole they tend to be self catering but there are some that do offer meals and some refreshments. Hostel associations in the UK include the Youth Hostel Association and the Scottish Youth Hostel Association, they both offer accommodation across the UK, this is in addition to the many independent hostels in operation across the UK.

With accommodation accounting for a substantial portion of many holidays, breaks and backpacking trips, staying at hostels offers visitors the chance to lower their accommodation costs while enjoying the experience & social interaction offered at hostels.
Staying at hostels can provide great opportunities to meet and socialise with other travellers, some hostels are in rural areas where larger hotels may not have a presence and they provide a great base from which you can enjoy exploring the area. The hostel owners & staff can be a good source of local information as can other travellers staying there.

Campus Accommodation

The UK has a number of universities that during holiday period offer campus accommodation for visitors. The main holiday periods are during the main summer holidays around June to August, Easter in Late March/April and Christmas in December. The campus accommodation offers cost effective budget accommodation and appeals to a range of visitors. The UK universities have some wonderful historic and famous buildings, notable architecture, cathedrals & towers. Visitors can benefit from the great experience that is on offer here, university towns and areas are friendly, lively and have a range of amenities close by. The campuses are spread over the length and breath of the UK from large cities and towns, to smaller towns and more rural locations. With these different locations come a range of experiences to enjoy including interesting places to visit, things to see and do.

Campus accommodation usually mean visitors can benefit from near by amenities such as banks, shops, bars & recreational & sports facilities.

Britain is scattered with historic and well-known universities. During holiday periods many open their campus doors offering good value comfortable accommodation for every type of visitor. Campus accommodation usually offers bed and breakfast, half board or self catering options.

Campus accommodation offers a great option to find accommodation in the UK at peak times, i.e. summer holidays, Easter & Christmas when other accommodation may be full or charge premium rates.

Campus Accommodation available is shown below:

Edinburgh Campus Accommodation

London Campus Accommodation

Please note: Campus accommodation is offered by individual universities, please check the website of the university in the area you wish to visit.

Hostel & Campus Facilities & Cost

Hostels and campus accommodation offer on the whole a good budget option. Hostels very in the UK from small independently owned concerns to larger ones part of international groups and a whole range in between, Campus accommodation also offers a range of accommodation from small rooms with shares amenities to larger rooms and more amenities and facilities available. The cost effective no frills ethos of these establishments has made them firm favourites for those seeking budget accommodations. The facilities on offer vary while many hostels do not offer breakfast and hot meals others do. The campus accommodation facilities also range from self catering units to accommodation that offers breakfast and other meals on site or near by.

The cost of hostel accommodation varies depending on the facilities offered, location, time of year etc. However hostel accommodation usually can be found from around £10 per night, offering great value and accommodation that is significantly cheaper than you can find hotels). Campus accommodation again is dependent on the facilities, location etc but rooms start approx at £25-30 per night with larger rooms with more facilities costing more.

Hostel & Campus Accommodation Tips & Considerations

If you wish to stay at peak times of the year i.e. summer holidays, Easter & Christmas it is wise to check availability & book in time to ensure you do not miss out especially for hostels in the UK that can get very busy at these times.

Note room rates & occupancy are likely with be higher during peak periods for hostels, if you wish to stay during peak periods you may wish to consider staying in campus accommodation as a preferred option.

If you are staying in a hostel/campus accommodation that does not offer breakfast and wish to eat a ready prepared breakfast, check before you book if there are places close by offering this & the price they charge.

If you sharing a room, be vigilant of your belongings and valuables and do not leave your luggage & valuables unattended. For valuables & important documents such as passports, tickets, travellers cheques, money & jewellery be very careful with them, do not leave them lying around or in public view and keep a low profile so others do not know where your documents & valuables are.

While the social aspect of staying in hostel & campus accommodation is one of the main appeals for visitors, be careful how much information you give out to strangers you do not know. It is recommended not to give out personal information & too many details of your trip.

If you like the extra facilities associated with & offered by larger hotels or need extra creature comforts, staying at budget hostel & campus accommodation is unlikely to be for you.

If you require a particular facility or service, double check with the hostel/campus accommodation to ensure they offer such a facility/service (or can be found near by) and that it is being offered when you wish to stay, to avoid disappointment.

If you are staying in a rural accommodation facility check for transport links, are there public transport links? If not you may wish to consider hiring a car.

There are hostel & campus accommodation facilities in a range of buildings, including some older, historic ones which may not have disabled access & lifts. If you are disabled, travelling with a disabled person or have mobility problems be sure to check the accommodation can properly offer the facilities you require for your access & mobility.

Locations of hotels and campus sites are all over the country including in well known tourist areas, cities, towns, the countryside and even in smaller villages offering a great chance to see the UK from a different perspective. The hostel & campus accommodation travellers tips guide has outlined the options available for visitors highlighting the real choice they do offer particularly those looking for no frills, cost effective accommodation.

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