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Hotel Accommodation

Hotels in the UK offer visitors a range of accommodation options ranging from budget no frills hotels with competitive room rates to hotels offering the best in luxury and opulence. The UK offers a range of hotels, these include hotels in historic buildings, castles, manor & country houses to more contemporary hotel buildings with modern architecture. The hotel accommodation travellers tips guide offers tips and advice for travellers when considering hotel accommodation during their visits to the UK. The guide highlights the many options on offer, outlining some practical considerations and ways to save on hotel room rates and ensure you get a good deal

Hotel Accommodation Travellers Tips

Hotel Accommodation
Hotel Star Ratings
Hotel Accommodation Facilities & Cost
Hotel Accommodation Tips & Considerations

Hotel Accommodation

Hotels in the UK offer visitors the chance to stay in a range of either budget, practical, specialist or luxurious places offering a wide range of services and facilities. Budget or no frills hotels offer low price hotel room rates ideal for those on a budget or for those on the move and are located all over the UK. There are plenty of hotels in historic buildings such as in castles and historic country houses offering plenty of charm, character and a wonderful experience for visitors to enjoy. The historic hotels often have the original features of the properties and contain fittings in keeping with the theme of the hotels. The historic hotels are located in various locations including rural countryside locations surrounded by the beautiful countryside, creating a wonderful environment and surroundings where visitors can enjoy their stay.

Boutique hotels offer an interesting experience, they can offer a luxurious experience or focus on facilities and services the hotel is themed with. Those looking for a luxurious stay at a UK hotel have plenty to choose from, the UK offers a range of top class hotels offering the best in terms of service, opulence and facilities. Whatever your budget & hotel requirements find your ideal UK hotel with our hotel search below.

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Hotel accommodation is located all across the UK, hotels are located in tourist areas, big cities, towns and smaller rural locations including in villages in the countryside. There are a wide range of experiences for visitors to enjoy at these hotels, some hotels are part of large international chains, others are themed hotels, boutique hotels offer a more intimate & personal touch, while budget hotels offer a great place to stay whilst travelling without increasing your costs too much.

Hotel Star Ratings

The UK hotel ratings system is used to give guidance for the public as to the facilities and level of quality of guest care on offer at hotels. The Automobile Association (AA) & Royal Automobile Club (RAC) also use the ratings for their own ratings of serviced accommodation in the UK. You may see the signs for the national tourist board or AA in hotels or in their websites & on advertising literature to indicate they have been inspected.

The Hotel Star Ratings include:

One star: Offers simple, practical accommodation with most rooms en suite, offering no-frills.

Two stars: Are well-presented & well-run, all rooms are en suite offering breakfast services and dinner on the majority of days.

Three stars: Offers a good level of quality and comfort, well presented staff, dining is offered to both residents and non residents.

Four stars: Offers an excellent standard throughout the hotel, professional uniformed staff and lunch is also available in eating areas.

Five stars: Offers exceptional and luxurious accommodation with a wide range of hotel facilities, including high quality food & wine and extra services.

The hotel star system is based on facilities and not necessarily on quality so it is important to use the star system as a guideline only and not base your decision entirely on this. If you have any queries on the facilities & amenities on offer at a particular UK hotel it is best to contact the hotel directly and find out to clarify.

Hotel Accommodation Facilities & Cost

The facilities on offer at UK hotels vary widely depending on the type of hotel, location and price. There are basic no frills hotels that offer a room accommodation and few other facilities but offer competitive budget prices that appeal to a number of visitors. There are hotels that offer room accommodation with breakfast (B&Bs) and may include an evening meal too, there are also all inclusive hotels at offer breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The hotel star ratings offer a guide as to the range of facilities on offer at the hotel. Hotels in town centres such as Metro hotels offer a range of facilities but tend not to provide dinner. Town house hotels offer accommodation in city centres ideal for both business and leisure visitors, they provide a full range of hotel facilities. Country House Hotels are located in the countryside and may offer four poster beds and more leisure facilities such as swimming pools, health and beauty treatments and leisure & sporting activities.

The range of facilities on offer at UK hotels included the hotel services that visitors from around the world would expect from hotels. Hotel services that may be on offer include room service, laundry, room telephones, internet connections & wireless broadband, food & meals,

Prices vary starting from around approx £45-60 per night for smaller budget hotels usually outside of big cities to approx £60-£130 per night for mid range hotels offering more facilities & services including city centre locations. For more luxurious hotels i.e. rated 4 & 5 Star prices start at approx £150 and can be several hundred pounds for the more exclusive and prestigious hotels in cities such as London. Larger hotels may offer discounted room rates at off peak times.

Hotel Accommodation Tips & Considerations

Consider which type of hotel will appeal to you, larger well known chains, boutique hotels, themed hotels or budget hotels? With so many choices it can help to start off with deciding what appeals to you.

Make sure you compare the prices of several hotels in the area to get a good idea of the going rate & check to see if they have an offers, discounts i.e. free or discounted child stay, free nights etc. The offers can amount to a tidy saving.

When booking hotels in the UK consider the transport costs of getting to and from the airport/place you are starting from, you may need to weight up the benefit of either choosing a hotel offering cheaper room rates verses a hotel with higher room rates but with a better location saving you extra transport costs.

If you are seeking a hotel room in peak season such as summer holidays (June to August), public & bank holidays, Easter or Christmas note demand for hotel rooms is likely to be very high resulting in hotels being booked up early and increased hotel room rates. Consider booking in advance to ensure you get the hotel room at your chosen hotel.

Booking the hotel rooms in advance can mean benefiting from discounted room rates and some special offers the hotel/booking agents may be offering. There are some good last minute deals however in general the later you book the higher the room rate may be especially at busy times or at popular hotels & locations across the UK.

You can help lower the cost of hotel accommodation by staying in a hotel just outside the main tourist areas & places of interest with attractions etc. The hotel rates are likely to be a bit lower than those in the centre of the tourist areas. Check that transport is not a problem if you do consider this option.

Consider travelling off peak or just outside the main peak season to benefit from discounted room rates. Booking in May & from mid September/October means you can stay just outside the peak season with relatively mild weather at reduced rates and with less crowd and congestion.

If you are staying for less than a week & if feasible consider booking to stay on week nights, the room rates are usually at their peak from Friday night until Sunday. Booking midweek may mean you can find better deals.

When considering booking a hotel it is worth checking with family, friends and work colleagues to gain from their experiences. They may be able to recommend a good hotel that meets your requirements and offer advice and things to look out for.

Check if there are any other costs and hidden charges you are liable for when booking the hotel room.

Check to see if breakfast & /or other meals are included, if you pay separately it is usually more expensive than having it included as part of the package. If the hotel does not offer breakfast/meals check to see if there are places close by you can go to & the cost of this.

If you like staying in smaller hotels or family run places where you can often get to know the owners if you stay a while and value a friendly and homely atmosphere and feel, look for staying at smaller hotels, there are plenty across the UK and many are family run. They offer a different experience for visitors than staying at larger chains.

If you require a particular facility or service, double check with the hotel to ensure they offer such a facility/service and that it is being offered when you wish to stay, to avoid disappointment.

If you have any special requirements i.e. dietary ensure you check with the hotel that they are able & willing to accommodate your request.

If you are staying in a rural hotel check for public & private transport links, if public transport is not an option, consider hiring a car to see the area & explore further.

There are hotels in the UK a range of buildings, some of these are older, historic ones which may not have disabled access & lifts. If you are disabled, travelling with a disabled person or have mobility problems be sure to check the accommodation can properly offer the facilities you require for your access & mobility.

Ensure you observe sensible accommodation tips & practical measures to ensure personal safety during your stay.

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