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There are ever increasing numbers of people from all walks of life travelling on their own, with many reasons for doing so. Some travellers enjoy the independence, freedom and challenge of doing so, others may wish to see the world on their terms or be young travellers. There are those with grown up families that now have the time and means for seeing places they have always wanted. There are many business people that travel on their own too. While others may be bewildered or find it difficult to comprehend choosing to travel on your own, there are plenty of people doing so and enjoying a thoroughly good time too. Our lone travellers tips guide highlights useful advice lone travellers can use to help ensure they enjoy their trips and stay safe.

Travel Tips - Lone Travellers

Before You Begin Your Trip
Accommodations Tips
Safety Tips & Considerations
Types of Lone Travel Trips

Before You Begin Your Trip

Research the countries and places you are going to visit, learn more about them and familiarise yourself with the local laws, customs and culture. Read the latest travel information & advice before you begin your trip. Being well prepared for what lies ahead and knowledgeable is very useful in particular for lone travellers relying on their own judgements.

Do your research on single supplements, while the situation on single supplements is slowly changing, there are still some very expensive single supplements chargeable on holidays and hotel rooms. Check first and stay away from those with inflated costs.

Consider going in the off season i.e. not in school holidays, peak summer etc. The cost differential can be substantial and you could get a good deal.

Look for holidays, trips and hotel rooms that have low or no single supplements, these are steadily growing as travel and holiday providers try to tap in to and court the lone traveller market.

Leave your full itinerary including hotel details, tour operators etc and contact telephone numbers with a trusted family member or friend.

Make use of email and text to let your family and friends know when you have arrived and keep in regular contact throughout your trip.

Arrange with a trusted family member or friend a way of transferring money to you if you need it in an emergency or unforeseen circumstance.

Accommodations Tips

Try to book the accommodation in off peak seasons to get good discounts. Shop around for accommodation that does not have a single supplement.

Do not leave your hotel room key lying around or the room number visible to others. Keep it with you.

Do not advertise to others you are either travelling alone or are alone in the hotel room. If they assume you are part of a holiday group or business travel group there is no need to correct them.

Double check the doors and windows in the hotel room and check they lock properly. Check the security safe works correctly, if not ask the hotel to fix and do not use until you have tested it works correctly.

If you get a knock on your hotel room you are not expecting, use the key whole to see how it is and check with reception first, do not open the door without checking. If in doubt do not open the door.

Safety Tips & Considerations

When travelling alone follow all the usual safety tips and advice but be extra vigilant of your environment, surroundings and those around you, as there is no one else to watch you.

Keep a low profile and do not stand out as a tourist or a lone traveller. Do not bring attention on to yourself, this may attract the wrong type of attention.

Do not show any valuables in public and be very careful in public and crowded areas for pick pockets and thieves.

Use money wallets that are hidden under clothing and wallets with a good quality safety chain for security.

Take baggage that is lockable, if you are taking a backpack or rucksack buy one where the chains can be locked for added security.

Think of what money you will need on the day and keep only what you need in a separate wallet, use that when paying so you do not have to open your main wallet or show it in public.

Do not carry all your money & travellers cheques in one place, spilt it in 2 or more locations to ensure you are not without money if your wallet is lost or stolen.

Wear clothes that respect local laws and customs, avoid standing out with your clothes and behaviours this will mark you out further for possible unwanted attention.

When travelling alone try to stand near other traveller groups giving the impression you may be with them and not make you out as travelling alone.

Female lone travellers may wish to wear a wedding ring even if they do not normally wear one, it can help discourage unwanted attention.

Watch your luggage and all your belongings very carefully, do not leave unattended and remember if you do not watch your belongings there is no one else that will.

Types of Lone Travel Trips

The practice of travelling alone for business trips is a long established one. There are business people from the UK and around the world going on one business trips all the time. When travelling alone for business it is very important to ensure you are very organised and well prepared for your work, meetings and client interaction. Business people need to be extra careful as they are representing the companies they work for and need to make a good impression.

Double check all bookings, flight times, locations of meetings, check you have all your equipment i.e. laptop & charger, check your details are co ordinate with your office/team. It is easy to make a mistake and miss something and if you are travelling on your own there will be no one else to check with.

Adventure holidays & activity breaks are options for lone travellers, not only does it allow the freedom and independence of travelling alone it allows you to learn new activities or take part in adventure sports you enjoy. The nature of the adventure/activity holiday means you are likely to be part of a larger group giving you opportunity to socialise and meet new people. The options for adventure holidays and activity breaks are growing all the time, with plenty to do in the UK and abroad.

Backpacking offers a great chance for lone travellers to go to wherever they wish, whenever and for as long as they want. Backpacking offers lone travellers a great way to travel the world and is particularly useful for those on a budget. Backpackers come in from all ages and backgrounds, it is not just the archetypical gap year student. Lone travellers have the opportunity to do things on their own terms, in their own timeframes and avoid single supplements in many cases

Package Holidays are an option for lone travellers, despite being more associated with families and couples. The nature and sheer volume of package holidays makes it possible for lone travellers to get a decent deal if they shop around. Beware of extra costs such as single supplements etc. Package Holidays are a good option for those who want to get value for money, travel alone but also get the feeling of being part of a group. Going on trips and excursions on package holidays means lone travellers are automatically part of the larger group meaning they can socialise and meet new people on their own terms.

There are a number of steps lone travellers can take to help them get the best out of their trips as well as staying safe. The lone travellers tips provides a good starting point from which you can plan your trip, highlighting issues affecting lone travellers and practical steps that can be taken to ensure travelling alone can be an enjoyable experience.

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