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The lost luggage travellers tips guide gives further information on the procedures in place for reporting lost luggage when travelling around the UK on public transport and by air. The guide looks at left luggage where you can store your luggage at national rail stations meaning you do not have to carry luggage you do not need on a given journey. There are also a range of useful travellers tips and practical advice and steps that can be taken to help ensure you do not lose your luggage and minimise the chances of anyone stealing your luggage.

Lost Luggage UK Travellers Tips

Left Luggage
Lost Luggage At The Airport
Lost Luggage On Public Transport
Luggage Travellers Safety Tips

Left Luggage

For those that do not wish to carry around large bags and luggage, it can be left at secure left luggage units that are available at many transport areas/points. This convenient options means not being burdened with heavy bags to carry around, the luggage can be stored for short term and long term trips.

On the Tube (Underground) there are currently no facilities for left luggage due to security reasons. There are left luggage facilities available at National Rail Stations. Among the mainline stations offering this facility in London are:

Charing Cross, Euston, Liverpool Street, Paddington, Victoria & Waterloo

Across the UK the facilities are available in prominent stations such as:

Birmingham New Street, Edinburgh Waverley, Glasgow Central, Liverpool Lime Street, Manchester Piccadilly & Leeds.

The charges are approx £5.50 this would give you 24 hours storage, by paying extra you can store for longer should you need to do so.

Lost Luggage At The Airport

For Left luggage, the majority of airports provide these facilities. The cost for left luggage is around £5.50 per item for up to 24 hours and £6 per item for each extra 24 hour period thereafter. For further information please see: Heathrow Airport

For Gatwick Airport the cost for left luggage is around £6.50 per item for up to 24 hours and £6.50 per item for each extra 24 hour period thereafter. For further information please see: Gatwick Airport

If your luggage does not arrive at the baggage reclaim you should go to the desk dealing with missing luggage, they will be able to assist you further. If you have lost something whilst in the confines of the airport, should seek out the airport information desk where they will be able to help you further.

Lost Luggage On Public Transport


If you believe you have lost or misplaced something on a bus in London you should contact the bus station/garage where you lost your belongings. Once you are aware something is missing it is best to contact the bus station as soon as possible. After 4 days any items found may be sent to the Lost Property Office. You can contact the Lost Property Office to find out if your item has been found.

If you loose something on other buses across the UK, it is best to contact the bus company that operates the route as soon as you find out and follow the procedure they have.


If you have lost something on coaches, contact the coach company that operates the route you used. There usually are no lost property facilities at coach stops & stations although larger ones may have one. It is best to contact the coach company & driver as soon as you can. If you used London Victoria Coach Station, you can go to the help point at the station within 7 days and check if anything has been found. After 7 days the items will most likely be sent to the Lost Property Office.

Tube (Underground)

If you have lost something whilst travelling on the tube, check with the ticket office at the station to see if the item has been handed in. Otherwise you can check with the Lost Property Office to see if your item has been handed in. When you arrive at the Lost Property Office you will have to provide valid ID, do not forget to bring it otherwise you may have a wasted journey. Also be aware there may be a charge to collect your item.


If you loose something whilst travelling on a train either in London or across the UK, you should contact the train operating companies for the route you used to find out if your item has been handed in or found. The train operating company will inform you of their particular procedures.

A general tip is to be aware & vigilant on each journey you make, the earlier you realise you have lost something on public transport & the sooner you report it, the more likely it is you may get it back. The longer you leave it chances of you getting it back are likely to diminish.

Luggage Travellers Safety Tips

Taking a bit of extra care, planning well and some precautions can help reduce the chances of losing your luggage or having your luggage stolen. The lost luggage travellers tips include:

Pick a travel insurance policy that offers cover for lost & stolen luggage, giving you peace of mind.

When travelling ensure you have photo copies of all important documents such as passport, airline & transport tickets, hotel bookings, travellers cheques in at least 2 separate locations ensuring you are not stranded if you lose your baggage.

Ensure money and valuables are also spilt in different locations so you do not loose everything if your luggage is lost or stolen. If you are travelling in a group of at least 2 consider splitting money, valuables between you and make sure each person has a copy of any important travel documents.

Keep one pair of clothes in your handheld luggage in case your larger/main luggage is lost or delayed.

Do not travel with your luggage open, close all pockets & compartments and ideally use luggage/bag that is lockable & ensure you lock it. This reduces the chances of opportunists taking something from your luggage.

Avoid using luggage that looks expensive, designer, too bright and anything that will draw attention to it. Aim to use luggage you can spot but is not a magnet for others especially thieves.

Do not leave your luggage unattended at any time, this includes when you are buying something, in a shop, talking on the phone or any other activity where your attention may be drawn elsewhere.

When using public transport, if you use the luggage areas/overhead storage etc. ensure no one walks off with your luggage even by accident at any stop.

Do not put small luggage such as small bags, briefcases etc out of sight, they are easy for thieves to steal. Keep small items with you & ensure you can always see them.

If you are unfortunate and do loose your luggage or have it stolen, do not panic and use the suggested procedures above.

There are a range of steps travellers can consider to ensure their luggage is not lost or stolen, being alert and aware of your surroundings, environment and those close to you can help ensure you do not lost your luggage. Following the suggestions in the guide can also make it much more difficult for thieves to steal your luggage saving you a lot of stress and hassle in preventing a stressful situation.

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