Travel & Holiday Checklist


When travelling it is important to ensure you have all the things you may need whilst on your trip. Our travel checklist can help you plan your trip and help ensure you do not leave out anything important. The list contains useful tips and reminders to help ensure you take the things you require on your trip, whilst the list gives you an extensive checklist, there are of course always things you may require that are particular you yourself. Thus it is well worth spending some time prior to your trip checking your travel & holiday checklist & giving yourself enough time to pack to ensure you do not miss anything important.

Travel & Holiday Checklist

Home List To Check
Prior To Starting Your Trip
Paperwork and Documents
Luggage and Personal Items
Whilst You Are On Your Trip

Home List To Check

Lock all doors and windows including garage and any extension/annex not part of main property.

Stop delivery of Milk & Newspapers whilst away.

Ensure pets and plants are adequately taken care of whilst away.

Adjust heating, water and thermostat to adequate level.

Arrange for relative/friend/Neighbour to regularly check the property to ensure all is well while you are away

Prior To Starting Your Trip

Check the latest travel advice for the country you are travelling to, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office has the latest travel advice, useful tips and is a good place to get the latest information on your destination.

Learn more about local rules, laws and customs and become more familiar with local culture and etiquette.

Note down the closest Embassy/High Commission details, i.e. address and contact details, in case you need it whilst you are there.

Ensure you have adequate travel insurance that covers you for the full length of time you are away for and ensure the insurance covers you for activities such as skiing and extreme sports if applicable.

If you travelling within the European Union, ensure you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). This will entitle you to some free healthcare and some reduced rate emergency healthcare within the EU. This is not a substitute for full international Travel Insurance and it is highly recommended the EHIC be taken along with your full Travel Insurance.

Ensure your passport is valid and up to date. If you need to renew your passport or change it can take several weeks for a new one to be issued. Ensure your passport validity is longer than the minimum amount required by the country/countries you are visiting, i.e. there may be a requirement of 6 months passport validity.

Ensure you have the correct visas for the full length of your trip. It can take time for visa applications to be issued and processing times can vary depending on the times of the year, tourist season and other factors. It is worth leaving sufficient time to apply for the visas you require.

Take photocopies of your passport and other valuable documents such as driving licence and travellers cheques keep them separately from the originals.

For Credit Cards/Debit Cards/Charge Cards ensure you have the full contact details of the companies issuing the cards and keep a copy of the card details separately from the cards in the event of the cards being lost or stolen.

Take enough travel money for your trip. Take a mixture of cash and travellers cheques and do not keep them all in one place/wallet. Spilt travel money in more than one location (i.e. spilt between wallet you carry on yourself and in lockable hand luggage or between 2 people), so you are not totally without money if the money/travellers cheques are lost or stolen from one location.

Tell relatives and/or friends of where you are going, with whom and for how long. Give a copy of your itinerary to them and ensure they have an emergency number to contact you on. Ensure you have the full contact details of your relatives and friends in case you need to contact them from abroad.

Ensure taxi/minicab is booked and if travelling by public transport allow enough time to get to airport including allowing for unforeseen delays.

Paperwork and Documents

Ensure you have your:

Passport (including valid visas)

All Tickets (including airline, coach, bus, train, Events, any other tickets you need on your trip)

Travel Insurance Documents

Driving Licence & any other ID

Travel/Business Guide Books

Photocopies of all your important documents & telephone/contact numbers

Luggage and Personal Items

Suitcases, travel bags, luggage tags and luggage locks

Travel Alarm Clock & spare batteries.

Laptop/PDA/Mobile Phone/Electronic equipment and charger plugs

Travel Plug adaptor (check it works in country/countries you are travelling to)

Pen, Personal/Business stationary items (if applicable)

Camera, MP3/MP4 Player, batteries and chargers.

Toiletry Kit (shaver, razors, shaving cream, hair brush, aftershave/perfume, toothpaste, mouthwash, soap, shampoo).

Towel (beach towels if applicable)

Hair Dryer (if applicable)

Any other hair, body & personal grooming products you may require.


Any Medications you require, ensure medications taken are not out of date and work correctly (check inhalers work correctly and have not dried up).

Take enough medication for the full length of your trip plus some extra in case you are delayed or if there are any unforeseen circumstances.

Prescriptions for yourself & children (if applicable)

Personal Medications & for children (if applicable)

Personal Hygiene Products

First Aid Kit, Aspirin, Paracetamol, Travel Sickness Tablets, Vitamins/Supplements, Diarrhoea Tablets, Indigestion tablets.

Sun Tan Lotions and Insect Repellents.

Glasses, Sun Glasses, Contact Lenses, Contact Lenses Solution.


Suits, Trousers, Skirts, Shirts and Blouses.

Underwear, Socks, Shoes, Pyjamas/Night Clothes

Swimming Costume/Trunks

Sun Hat/Cap, Ties, Cuff-Links, Belts

Coat/Rain Coat/Jacket/Fleece

Any Other clothing & clothing accessories specific to your trip.

Whilst You Are On Your Trip

Think clearly, be alert at all times and do not leave any luggage unattended at any time in the airport/departure points.

Be alert to any possible danger, do not take any unnecessary risks when abroad.

Avoid places that are isolated, badly lit and stay away from crime hot spots.

Do not display valuables such as watches, jewellery, mobiles, and cameras.

Do not carry all your money in one wallet spilt the money so you are not stranded if you loose your wallet.

When purchasing any goods or services make sure you understand the correct price being charged and ensure you are using the correct exchange rate so you have a clear idea of how much it costs.

Keep a low profile and do not attract unnecessary attention that you are a tourist or business visitor.

Do not break local laws, rules and customs. These vary widely from country to country, some background reading and research can help stop misunderstandings.

Check if tap water is safe to drink, if not use bottled water, do not take ice in drinks, avoid non peel fruits and salads.

Eat sensibly and avoid any places where the food hygiene standard could be a problem.

Check for import regulations when purchasing goods abroad.

We hope you find our checklist for travel useful in remembering to take the items you need on your trip. A holiday checklist or a business travel checklist can be a very valuable tool to ensure your trip start off smoothly and that you are well prepared for your trip even if unforeseen circumstances occur.

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