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Before going on any trip whether it is for business or pleasure it is highly recommended to check all important travel information & advice prior to beginning your trip. For travellers there are plenty of advantages for doing so, being fully informed and briefed on what lies ahead is an important ingredient to ensure your trip goes smoothly.

Being informed of and aware of the latest developments in places you are going to visit allows you to plan your journey better, avoid areas that could be dangerous or hazardous and lessen the chances of being caught unaware whilst abroad. Being well prepared allows you to know the facts, what to expect and what to do should the unexpected happen. This knowledge may prove to be invaluable, i.e. it can help you keep your safe should an unexpected event occur.

Back in 2001 the ‘Know Before You Go’ travel safety campaign was launched by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO). The on going campaign encourages British nationals to be much better prepared for their overseas trips whether they are for business or pleasure. The campaign aims to highlight pertinent travel information thus helping British nationals avoid common travelling mistakes that can lead to both danger and taking unnecessary risks. See the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website for more information on the Know Before You Go travel safety campaign.

The main campaign message is centred around the title - Know Before You Go– it highlights the need to thoroughly do your research before you begin your trip, understand and respect local laws, customs, etiquettes and ensure adequate travel insurance cover it taken. Other useful tips include visiting your GP at least six weeks before travelling overseas and making copies of all important travel documents including passports, insurance policy, driving licence etc.

It is wise to ensure you have enough travel money with you and back up funds such as traveller’s cheques, so are not stuck should you need to spend more time abroad than originally planned. The FCO has travel advice by country throughout the world and informs you of things to look out for, potential dangers and causes of instability the travel notices.

The FCO also give travel advice on areas deemed to dangerous or unstable. The FCO website is regularly updated and travel advice can change from day to day based on the dynamic and unpredictable nature of events and happenings around the world. The campaign highlights when travelling abroad people may not be familiar with local laws and customs, various types of crime more synonymous with certain areas and may not get support to the same extent that they could reasonably expect in the UK. Travellers that are ill prepared for a trip can increase the chances of things going wrong, therefore the campaign urges travellers to become pro active and arm themselves with the facts and take sensible precautions before and during travelling.

Each year there are travellers that travel overseas (and around the UK) unprepared and do not follow common sense travel advice and tips, many regret this during their trips and it can have serious consequences. Following travel advice and tips in the Know Before You Go campaign can help ensure you are not one of those unfortunate travellers.

If you need to find the British Embassy, High Commission or British Consulate abroad, before you begin your trip or during your trip you can find them here: UK Embassies & High Commissions Abroad

If you require help and assistance when you are abroad on your trip, you can find details of where to get further assistance and useful information here: Help When Things Go Wrong

Sensible planning and preparation such as using the information on the FCO website and doing your own research, checking bookings and the local situation where you are travelling to can help lessen the chances of things not going to plan. Whilst it is not possible to predict the future and every possible scenario, following important travel information & advice and being well informed and prepared can hopefully help avoid many problems leaving you to enjoy your trip.

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