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With increasing numbers of women from the UK and abroad travelling alone on holidays and business or with female friends, it is important not only to enjoy your trip but to ensure you stay safe. Unfortunately criminals may target female travellers but following the usual common sense travel safety tips and those that apply specifically to women travellers should hopefully ensure a trip free of incident.

The women travellers tips guide offers some useful practical tips and advice on ensuring your trip is both an enjoyable one and that you stay safe whilst on your trip. We hope you find the guide useful and that it offers useful points of action to help you on your holidays and business trips.

Tips and Advice for Women Travellers

Before You Start Your Trip
Whilst On Your Trip
Going Out
Hotel Tips

Before You Start Your Trip

Do your research on the country/countries you are going to be visiting, become familiar with the culture, customs and social etiquettes of the countries. Given these vary widely from country to country it is best to be aware and informed as to what to expect before you go. Check the latest travel information before you go.

Use the benefit of experiences of other travellers and ask your friends, family and colleagues for their tips and advice on travelling to a particular country and anything in particularly applies to women travellers.

Take a good guide book and learn some useful phrases in the local language including asking for help & emergency services.

Ensure a trusted family member or friend has your full itinerary and contact details for your trip.

Do not take unnecessary jewellery on your trip, it may attract unwanted attention of criminals and also make you out as foreign.

Do take conservative loose fitting clothing, try to avoid anything tight fitting or clothing that could be construed as provocative or not in keeping with the countries norm/culture. You may wish to dress similarly to the locals to help minimise unwanted attention.

Take a wedding ring and wear it (even if you are not married or do not usually wear it), it could help avoid unnecessary attention.

Ensure you take enough money with you including for unexpected events. Be aware in some countries it may be safer to use taxis rather than public transport.

Whilst On Your Trip

Act confidently, walk with a purpose and ensure your body language shows you are confident and in control, this will hopefully ensure you are less likely to be seen as a potential target of unwanted attention or harassment.

Keep a low profile, dress conservatively especially if the local women do and try to blend in with other people, i.e. stay near family groups, other women and tourists so you are less likely to encounter problems.

Ensure your purse/bag is low profile, an expensive one/designer bag may give unwanted attention and catch the eye of opportunist thieves. Ensure your bag has a strong strap that can be worn across your shoulder (having your bag just on your shoulder as opposed to across your shoulder makes it much easier for thieves to grab the bag and run). Consider wearing your bag across your shoulder with the opening pockets facing inside toward your waist.

Carry a safety whistle; they are a useful safety option for outdoor activities and for personal safety and can be used to alert others if you are in need of help or in distress.

Do not reveal you are travelling alone (or in a group comprising of women only). Do not reveal your travel plans and where you are staying and what you are doing, this makes it much easier for unscrupulous people to target you.

Use your instincts and intuition to help avoid any potential trouble. If you feel uncomfortable or uneasy, make your excuses and leave the area/place quickly.

Do not be afraid to shout for help if someone is harassing you, many people that harass do not expect the victims to shout and be feisty and they do not usually wanted to draw attention to themselves.

Use your judgement on sudden new friends and acquaintances that could appear friendly but may have ulterior motives and do not reveal personal information to them.

Do not accept lifts from strangers or hitch hike, it is best to ask the hotel you are staying at to recommend a reputable taxi firm.

Going Out

Be aware of your surroundings, the people around you and the environment. Being aware and thinking clearly can help avoid potential dangers.

Do not take all your money out with you, take what you need and use a wallet/purse that either has a tough security chain or a travel wallet/purse that can be worn discreetly under clothes. Do not draw attention to yourself when taking money out and paying.

Ensure you let someone know where you are going and when you are expected to be back.

Depending on which country you are visiting, people may dress less conservatively in the evening however it is best to check and see what local women dress in the evenings.

Do not accept drinks from strangers and never leave your drinks unattended at any point. Odourless and tasteless drugs are increasingly used to spike drinks of victims. It is best to stay safe and take care of your own drinks.

If any one invades your personal space or makes you feel uncomfortable or is possibly under the influence of drink and drugs, it is best to stay away from them to avoid trouble.

When returning to your hotel use a trusted taxi recommended by the hotel, beware of those touting for business outside they may be unregistered.

Avoid walking by yourself at night, stay away from areas with poor light and do not take any short cuts that could put you in danger. It is better to be conservative and stay safe.

Hotel Tips

Do not use your title of Mrs, Miss or Ms when checking in to your hotel, try using your first initial and your surname.

Take care of your hotel room key, do not leave it lying around or visible so someone else can see your room number. Be weary of telling anyone you have just met your room number.

Once you go to your room, check the doors and windows lock properly and if there is a balcony or a terrace ensure the door at the entrance locks correctly. Do not keep your room windows open and ensure the doors are locked properly even when you are in the room. Take extra care if your room is on the ground floor.

If anyone knocks on your door, use the spy hole to check who it is. If it is someone you do not know or are not expecting do not open the door.

The women travellers tips guide offers some useful action points for you to consider. It is important for all travellers including both men and women not to over analyse and become paranoid at the potential risks and pitfalls. Planning well, awareness, knowledge of your surroundings and environment and following some good common sense tips and taking sensible precautions for your trips will hopefully ensure an incident free trip for you to enjoy.

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