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Climate change represents a significant treat to the environment with many causes both natural and man made. Whilst travelling to different parts of the world offers wonderful opportunities there is an environmental impact on ever increasing worldwide air travel and holidays. Organisations such as Carbon Footprint offer a service that helps travellers to repair the negative impact travel can cause to the climate. Carbon Footprint can help travellers to 'offset’ the greenhouse gas emissions, such as CO2, from their activities by reducing an equivalent amount of CO2 on their behalf. The offsetting reductions are made via a range of projects around the world these include projects renewable energy, energy efficiency and rainforest restoration which help to fight climate change and bring important benefits such as social and humanitarian to local communities round the world. A range of emissions can be offset including from flying as well as for driving and energy used in households and businesses.

Use the carbon calculator below to calculate your carbon footprint

Travellers that use the principles of responsible and sustainable travel can help to ensure they have a direct and positive impact associated with travelling. There are plenty of things travellers can do to help ensure their trips are in keeping with responsible travel principles minimising negative impacts and maximising positive impacts such as carbon offsetting.

Carbon Offsetting offers travellers a quick and convenient way in which they can minimise the negative aspects associated with their travel, following the principle of putting back in what you take out. Carbon neutral refers to zero net carbon emissions this can be done by balancing the amount of carbon released with the amount of carbon offset to achieve the net affect of zero carbon emissions, organisation such as Carbon Footprint offer travellers this facility. Our Responsible Tourism Travellers Tips guide offers a range of tips, advice and measure travellers can take to help the environment, wildlife and ensure sustainable travel.

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