UK Journey Planner

The UK Journey Planner allows for a range of online route and journey planning across the UK. Travellers can get door to door route and journey planning for both car journeys and public transport. The journey planner is from Google Maps and offers a range of useful and important travel and journey information to assist travellers.

Journey Planner - Use the planner to find directions by both road and public transport. To plan a door to door journey using Google Maps below, click on Directions on the top menu and complete the information required in both the Start Address & Destination Address boxes and indicate whether you wish to see the journeys for public transport, cars, walking or cycling by choosing the appropriate option in Travel Mode and click on the Get Directions button.

The planner gives travellers a range of options suggesting a number of routes that are appropriate for the journey. The suggestions also show information such as the number of changes needed for public transport and the estimated journey time and time of arrival. Other useful features can be found under the 'Layers' option on the top menu that includes Live Traffic Conditions for regions across the UK giving the latest traffic information and there is an option to see the latest weather forecast.

Useful Tips for Travellers:

- When planning a journey try to plan in advance, giving yourself more time to familiarise yourself with the route.

- Whilst it is useful to plan your journey in advance, it is also useful to check the route planner again just before beginning your journey to check for any changes, such as road closures, traffic incidents and other factors that can impact on your journey.

- Check for the latest traffic & travel news before you begin your journey for possible delays/incidents and other factors that can impact on your journey. This can be very useful especially for longer journeys.

- Make sure you keep a copy of the route you will be using in a safe place. Whilst you may have Satellite Navigation in your car or on your mobile phone, a hard copy is useful to keep in case there are any problems with the Sat Nav/electronic system. If you are travelling on public transport and have a number of connections to make a hard copy of all the relevant information can be very useful.

- It is important to always ensure the safety of yourself & those travelling with you and not take any undue risks. If you are travelling to an area you do not know and/or have some reservations on safety, it is wise when driving to try to plan the route to stay on main roads that have good lighting and are not isolated. When using public transport try to avoid isolated train stations or bus/tram stops and stick to busy main stations and stops that have good lighting. Avoid using isolated roads/stations and taking risky shortcuts by car or by foot.

- With many factors outside your control such as traffic incidents, delays due to the weather and other unforeseen circumstances, it is wise to take sensible measures to ensure you are not without, food, water and extra money should an unforeseen event occur. Those travelling by car can consider taking some extra food, drink and warm clothing ensuring they are prepared for the unexpected.

- For travellers in cars and those using public transport it is important you stay alert of your surroundings and environment at all times and ensure there are no valuables such as wallets, purses and jewellery on public display. With the increasing use of mobile phones and laptops on public transport, it is important to remember to ensure you ensure you take all of your belongings with you when you get off.

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