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September Travel

Valley Gardens Park, Harrogate

Travelling in September can be a good time to explore the UK, the peak summer holiday period has just passed and the weather is still quite mild and there is daylight well in to the evenings. The UK is a scenic place in September, at the beginning of the month it can be quite mild with temperatures similar to those in August, particularly in years when the UK enjoys an Indian summer. Towards the end of September the temperature cools a few degrees but is still pleasant for travelling.

For travellers there are a number of advantages to travelling outside of the peak school and summer holiday season in August. There is are fewer crowds and less demand for hotel rooms, holiday bookings and entertainment venues. Travellers can find more competitive rates for hotels, transport and entertainment along with more flexibility on the dates bookings are available.

For those with children is it not always possible to travel away from the peak holiday seasons however with some planning and research, it is possible to enjoy a short weekend break in the UK in September at less cost than in August. There are a range of family attractions such as theme parks where packages that include overnight accommodation and park entrance at cheaper in September than is the case in August.

The UK is a destination that offers something for everyone from beaches, to city breaks to entertainment, theatre and history there is plenty to see, explore and enjoy. September offers one of the best times of year to see the best of the UK, for a range of the latest events please see: UK Events more...
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