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Those interested in adventure holidays have never had it so good, there are now a number of companies that offer these at reasonable prices. The choice of activities and locations is growing too by the day, whether your passion involves going trekking in the Andes, white water rafting in the Zambezi, wildlife based or reliving famous railway journeys there is something for you. With the ever increasing choices and options available it can get confusing, use our guide for a few ideas.

In the UK there is plenty of adventure on offer at the Venture Centre in the Isle of Wright. Formed 25 years ago it has become a premier place to enjoy adventure based activities. These activities include sea kayak expeditions, canoeing, you can also go abseiling. For those sailing enthusiasts they too can go sailing at the facility. Other activities include raft building, archery, air rifle shooting, orienteering, gorge walking. You can test yourself on the assault course. Corporate adventures are also on offer for organisations wishing to have an adventure day or weekend and encourage team building.

In Europe snowboarding fans can go to Ljubljana in Slovenia, fast becoming a snowboarding hot spot. Ljubljana has great snowboarding conditions and combined with good facilities and excellent value for money, this well kept secret is due not to stay secret for too much longer. Offering great conditions on which to enjoy snowboarding and at a price that is wallet friendly, it makes a strong case for snowboarding aficionados.

In Africa trekking up Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania has always been popular with visitors from around the world. The stunning natural scenery and sheer size and beauty of the mountain leave many in awe of one of the most spectacular natural sights. Kilimanjaro offers a challenge to those who want to climb the tougher Machame route. Tours usually arrange for a guide to accompany you both while climbing and while descending the mountain. There is also white water rafting in the Zambezi in Zambia, this is a must for adrenaline junkies and is not for the faint hearted. The location is perfect for enjoying adventures in the rapids during the day and camping in the African wilderness at night. Few trips can match this for exhilaration in a natural and stunning setting.

Boating enthusiasts can enjoy sailing in various areas in Asia. Thailand has become a popular location for those seeking sailing/yachting holidays. Enjoy the whole experience in this idyllic location that benefits from year round wind and gentle seas making it a great place to explore. You can go in luxury if you so wish, a full crew can be provided seeing to your needs.

New Zealand is an ideal location for those wanting adventure, benefiting from great scenery trekking around ensures you see the natural beauty of the country. There are many holidays that have multi adventure activities included and a popular place to go to enjoy these is New Zealand, bungee jumping, Canyon Swing, Sky Dives from airplanes, Over Night Wilderness trips are just some of the activities on offer. The weather and dramatic scenery help create a great atmosphere and vibe for the adventure hungry visitor.

Now you have seen a small selection of the great adventures out there both near and far, all that remains is for you to go and book your adventure holidays today!

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