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If you’re looking for somewhere new to consider for your holidays, we have found a number of up and coming holiday hot spots that offer visitors a great experience. These hidden gems are likely not to stay hidden for long as their reputation as great destinations becomes well known. So get in quick before the crowds arrive!

Mozambique has emerged from a turbulent post independence history as a great destination. Situated in Africa and blessed with year round sunshine it offers a wide range of activities for those that like adventure. There is also a wide stretch of beautiful coastline with some stunning scenery and white sand of the Bazaruto archipelago for those that like to relax. There are many adventures to be had in Mozambique, for those that like diving, fishing and snorkelling this is one of the finest areas you will find anywhere to indulge your passion.

Botswana is one of the last unspoilt paradises in Africa, as yet largely unspoilt by mass tourism it offers the discerning traveller an experience they will never forget. With some of the greatest sights in the world i.e. The Okavango Delta, the Magadikgadi Pans, the Central Kalahari, Tsodilo Hills and the Victoria Falls all within easy reach a truly memorable experience awaits you. The safaris on offer are as good as any on offer elsewhere in the continent and with a huge concentration of wildlife chances are you will see the game you came to see.

Hungary is emerging as a preferred destination for those looking to go somewhere different from the established areas. The capital Budapest is becoming a favourite for those wanting short or weekend breaks. The city has a rich history; it a centre for culture and the arts and includes a number of castles, museums and some fascinating historic architecture. Visit the scenic Lake Balaton and see the hundreds of therapeutic mineral springs that are said to have health benefits.

Burma/Myanmar is a destination adventurous travellers may wish to consider; located close to both India and China in south east Asia the political situation in the country meant it was pretty much closed off for tourists. With a change in the political situation in the country has meant small scale tourism is now being encouraged. The country has some stunning natural scenery and a number of historic sites and temples; there is a rich and vibrant culture with bustling cities and tranquil rural locations. A trip to Burma/Myanmar offers visitors the opportunity to see a country that has not yet been affected by mass tourism.

Brazil is emerging as an up and coming destination; the country is now in the world’s spotlight with the upcoming Football World Cup in 2014 and Olympics in 2016. The country is the largest in South America and offers a huge range of landscapes and sceneries including a wonderful coastline that includes some of the world’s best known beaches including Copacabana beach in Rio de Janeiro. The country is well known for its love affair with football and samba hosting the Rio Carnival each year. The country is very diverse with a fusion of cultures evident; there are large bustling cities, wonderful beaches and treats, the Amazon rainforest and much more making Brazil an exotic getaway with plenty to offer.

Oman is fast emerging as a favourite destination in the Middle East. While Oman's illustrious neighbour Dubai is the more established and well known destination, Oman now offers a similar experience for the visitor at less cost. The hotels and facilities are top class proving this desert oasis has transformed itself in a few years in to an international holiday destination with world class facilities. With mountains dominating its scenery and its wonderful beaches, Oman offers the perfect place to relax and indulge yourself. The adventure seekers can go on a desert safari and a bird watching tour. Oman is home to numerous bird species and the tours offer a chance to see them up close.

There are of course many holiday hot spots with new destinations emerging all the time. As new holiday destinations get more popular more travel operators are likely to offer a greater range of Holiday Deals. The above are a few to consider if you want to go somewhere a bit different that not everyone else has been to.

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