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Airport Travellers Tips gives a concise guide on practical tips & advice for travellers consider when going to and at the airport. With an ever increasing number of people travelling by air through airports, they have become ever increasingly busy with ever more airports built with more terminals to cater for ever increasing air passengers. With airports being so busy, travellers can find themselves stressed and anxious on the way to and at the airport. Our guide gives useful tips that travellers can consider and adopt to hopefully assist making their journeys to the airport less stressful and time at the airport an altogether more pleasant experience.

Travellers Tips - Airports

Before You Begin Your Trip
Journey To The Airport
At the Airport
Safety Tips & Considerations
Arriving At The Destination Airport

Before You Begin Your Trip

Plan your trip carefully and ensure you learn more about the airports you will be travelling to.

Check and research the airports you are going to travel to and find more information on them from their websites and other sources of information. Check for any rules and regulations changes, any rules and regulation specific to that airport and/or country.

Plan your journey to the airport in advance of going, try not to leave it to the last minute. Use a journey planner to find various different options.

Plan how you are going to get to the airport and ensure transportation such as taxis taking you to the airport are booked and the booking is confirmed. If you are going by train consider buying the tickets in advance to avoid having to wait and possibly become delayed when buying tickets.

In order to get ready on time and anyone else travelling with you, it may be worth considering working on the assumption of starting everything half and hour to forty five minutes earlier than you actually need to ensure everyone is ready on time and it allows you to have a buffer for unexpected events. If you are prone to anxiety/stress/worry then travelling it is a good option to consider adopting

Whether you are going by car, taxi, bus, coach or any form of public Transport ensure you leave plenty of time to get to the airport. Do not assume the weather and road/rail conditions with be fine, they may not be in your favour. Ensure you leave in plenty of time with a buffer built in to ensure even if you are delayed for any reason you still have plenty of time to get to the airport.

Journey To The Airport

Be proactive and plan the journey to the airport in advance, leaving it to the last minute may increase your chances of missing your flight.

Before you a due to go check the travel & traffic reports for any long term road works, rail works & possible delays of any kind. If you find it will affect your journey too much consider different options of getting to the airport.

Ensure you take all of your luggage, travel documents and anything else you will need on your trip. Keep everything ready in advance, i.e. if you are going by taxi stay ready in advance & ensure the house is properly locked. Do not rush locking your house and getting ready, you do not want to miss anything important to do.

If you are rushed for any reason and you miss anything be sure to tell a trusted family member or friend and ask if they can do what you forgot.

Check the fare for the transportation in advance and keep it ready in your pocket so you do not have to look through your travel baggage.

If you are driving yourself to the airport ensure you have enough petrol and have checked the day before everything is working. If it does not you may miss your flight.

If you are parking your car at the airport for your duration of your trip, ensure you have an airport parking space booked to save time. Note down the details of where your car is and where it will be parked. Check the mileage and do not keep too much fuel in the car in case it is stolen.

At the Airport

Arriving on time and being among the first to check in also increases your chances of successfully requesting a window or aisle seat or closer or further away from the toilets, whichever your preference is. Of course choosing seats and printing boarding passes can now be done online with many airlines.
When you arrive at the airport if you can check in, do so as this lessens the chances of having your luggage lost or stolen.

When checking in ensure you check for any special requests/requirements have been actioned, i.e. seats, special meal/dietary requirements such as vegan and vegetarian.

Ensure you check you take back all your travel documents such as passports, tickets and boarding passes when showing them to the various authorities that need to check them.

It is a good idea to ensure you have gone to the toilet before you board the flight so you do not need to go immediately and in case there is any delay in using the toilets on the aircraft.

Avoid keeping too much loose change and valuables in your pockets, you have to empty out your pockets for the x-ray machines and possibly at other security points, it is easy to leave your change and valuables in the trays and not pick them up again.

When going through the x-ray machines and any other security checks, be alert, stay cool and calm and do not forget to check you have taken back your bags, luggage, travel documents and any other valuables.

Do not make any jokes or any flippant comments or remarks on any subjects that could cause security concerns. The jokes/comments are very likely to be taken very seriously and could have you in serious trouble. If in doubt, do not say it.

Safety Tips & Considerations

Do not leave your baggage and any other valuables unattended at any time. Even if you think you will be back in just a few seconds, do not leave your baggage unattended. Any unattended baggage will be treated as suspicious and is likely to be destroyed.

Ensure you baggage is locked and valuables out of public view especially when queuing to check in. You can spend a long time queuing giving opportunities for thieves to seal baggage and valuables.

Read the baggage guidelines before you travel and familiarise yourself with them, ensure you check with your airline & travel provider what you can take, how much to can take and what you cannot take. Simple mistakes in baggage weight can mean having to pay a large amount extra for excess baggage or being told the excess luggage must be removed.

Stay alert at all times of your surroundings, environment and people around you. It is easy to switch off for a second and loose either luggage, valuables or have your luggage tampered with.

Ensure children and any dependents you are travelling with are told not to go anywhere. It is easy to get lost in airports, it can result in children and others being put in danger and you could miss your flight.

Arriving At The Destination Airport

Be alert, stay aware of your surroundings and environment.

Do not show any valuables in public.

If you are unsure of where to go, ask for official help at the helpdesk, do not wonder out of the airport without knowing what you are doing and where you are going.

Remember to collect all of your luggage and ensure you have all of your travel documents and valuables.

Ensure children &/or anybody else you are responsible for are close by and do not wonder off.

Keep a low profile at the destination airport, do not attract unnecessary attention to yourself and your family.

Arrange for transportation from your hotel &/or tour/holiday provider ensuring you are picked up safely from the airport. This is particularly pertinent for some countries/airports where there can be illegal taxis, fake taxis touting for business or places where there are safety concerns. Remember to check before you travel on the best advice for the destination/airport you are travelling to. If in doubt it is safer to arrange official transport and arrange to be picked up from the airport.

If you are in any doubt about the transportation, do not get in, check with the hotel/holiday operators to confirm first. If you are uncomfortable or uneasy with any transportation do not get in, it is best to call the hotel/holiday provider and arrange for transportation.

The airport travellers tips provide travellers with a good working checklist of airport considerations and points of interest for travellers. With airports used by more people for both business and holidays on an ever increasing basis, travellers are encountering more airports all the time. Being aware of and following some good common sense tips and advice can help ensure travellers experience a more relaxing and stress free journey at airports, leaving them to enjoy their trips.

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